Larisa Luzhina

Picture of Larisa Luzhina

Date of Birth: 04/03/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


She was born March 4, 1939 in Leningrad. Father - Anatoly Ivanovich Luzhin. Mother - Eugenia Adolfovna Luzhin. Son - Paul V. Shuvalov (. Born 1971), graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Cinema, is an engineer at a recording on "Mosfilm". Grandson - Danila.

In one of his interviews Larissa Luzhin said: "... The path of the actress, the actor is not strewn with roses and bonuses, it is difficult, tortuous ... He did not direct and simple. As he is not straight and not easy in any profession, in any case, is doing well, with an open mind ... "These words perfectly reflect her own destiny.

First childhood memories Larisa related to the war, the blockade of Leningrad. Her father was a sailor, navigator of long voyage, during the war was to defend Leningrad, was wounded and sent home for treatment. And at home - hunger. His father died of exhaustion at the age of 27 years. Soon died of starvation and senior six-year old sister, Larissa, was killed by shrapnel from a grandmother.

Larissa with his mother were alone, miraculously survived the siege. When it was opened "Road of Life" in Ladoga, they were evacuated to the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. There in Siberia, according to the most Larisa, and began her acting destiny. On New Year`s holidays, arranged for children in kindergarten at a meat factory on the eve of 1945, among others in Larisa, I read a poem Tvardovsky "Confessions of a tanker." "When I finished the poem, - later recalled Larisa - all the women wept, and the director of slaughterhouse took me in his arms and gave me a hamburger. I remember the taste and smell of the burgers for life. It was my first award. "

After returning from evacuation Larissa with her mother settled in Tallinn Uncle Karl-Gustav Treier. There she began to engage in the school drama club, directed by the actor of the Russian Drama Theater Ivan Danilovich Rossomahin. Extremely passionate man, a gifted teacher, he was able to instill in the students a desire to be an actor at the same time fostering in them faith in yourself, in your abilities. For many of his students became the scene of a school of the launch pad, with which they came into great art. Among them Igor Yasulovich Vladimir Koren, Vitaly Konyaev, Lila Malkin. The team was strong, and often mug performances came on the professional scene Russian Drama.

Larissa with all their heart believed in his acting future. Immediately after the ten-year went to enter the Leningrad Institute of theater, music and film, but failed in the first round. This is where the apparent features of her character: quiet, but persistent, humble, but firm and persistent. She returned to Tallinn, went to work at a pharmaceutical plant, followed by confectionery factory "Kalev". Later entered the secretaries to the Minister of Health, and later became a part-time work as a fashion model in the Tallinn house models.

It helped, as often happens, the case. Opposite the house where she lived, there were pavilions Tallinn studio, and she was invited from the street in the small role of the singer in a cabaret night then rented the movie "Wedding Crashers" (1959). Her appearance on the screen was seen, and soon the director of "Lenfilm" Herbert Rappaport suggested Luzhin a major role in the film "In the rain and the sun" (1960). So there was the opportunity to see the reality of their dreams. Thus began professional work in film.

In 1959 Larisa Luzhin enrolled in the acting department VGIK. Chief Justice-examiner, who decided her fate, became one of the most experienced directors and teachers of the Soviet cinema - SA Gerasimov. Assistant director of the film "Wedding Crashers" Leida Laius, which itself then studied at VGIK, learned that Sergei Apollinarievich announced an extra set in his workshop, and recommended Luzhin. Larissa successfully passed the interview. It was a school. Lessons SA Gerasimov learned a lot, helped to understand their capabilities, know itself, to understand the secrets of acting.

When the director of SI Rostockiy began looking for an actress for the role of Svetlana for the film "On Seven Winds" (1962), SA Gerasimov recommend Larissa Luzhin. This picture is very dear to the actress, since it started the climb in a large cinema. The fragile, but very brave, weak, but very reliable, trustful, but a strong, loving and pure character Luzhin conquered the world. After the premiere and release of pictures on the screen young actress came to success and recognition. The trip to Cannes for the Film Festival, were then Oslo, Warsaw, Paris ... Followed by new roles, new exciting offers.

In 1960 Larisa Luzhin has created a gallery of images on the screen romantic girls lit a quiet and clear internal svetom.Takovy Nina in "The Silence" Vladimir Basov (1963), belief in the "Great ore" V. Orda (1964), which are the personification of loyalty, honesty, devotion to people and their work.

Originality talent Larissa Luzhin caught the attention of German filmmakers. In 1965, the director of the studio "DEFA" Joachim Hubner saw her on the TV screen in the movie "On Seven Winds", and invited to shoot a serial film "Dr. Shlyutter". Luzhin has played just two major roles: anti-fascist Eve and her daughter Irene, who after the death of the mother continues to struggle in the anti-Nazi underground. During his time in the GDR Larisa Luzhin he starred in six films, including two serials. Here for the first time the actress has played the role of the Russian classics - Marya Nikolaevna in "Spring Waters" (1968) and Varvara Pavlovna in "Nobles nest" (1969), set on the novel IS Turgenev. German viewers praised the work of Larissa Luzhin: according to a survey of one of the magazines, she was recognized as the most popular actress in the GDR. Soon, she was awarded the National Prize of Germany and double award "Golden Laurel television."

In parallel with the work in the GDR Luzhin starred in S. Govorukhin "Vertical" (1967), where she played a doctor Larissa. This role was a landmark in the fate of the actress as her partner was the legendary Vladimir Vysotsky. In subsequent years, the actress seeks to comprehend popular female character, to replace her lyrical heroine come complex and deeply dramatic images: Anfisa in the film "Love Serafim Frolov" (1968), Maria Maksheev in the movie "Life on this sinful earth" (1973). A special place in the work of Larissa Luzhin takes the role of Anna Timofeevna Gagarina in the movie "Thus began the legend" (1976). It was her first age role play that - a challenge for any actor. The heroine of the first part of the frame of a very young girl, and in the final of an elderly woman appears.

During the years of his cinematic career, in addition to the mentioned paintings, Larisa Luzhin starred in films: "Man is the Sun" (1961), "A man does not give up" (1961), "The Adventures of Crumbling" (1962), "free kick" (1963) "No and yes" (1966), "Date" (the GDR, 1966-1967) "Successor" (East Germany, 1967), "The main witness" (1969), "Gold" (1969), "Melodies of the big city" (East Germany, 1969), "Putin" (1971), "The Racers" (1972), "Execution of desires" (1973), "Conscience" (1974), "Shoo and Dvaportfelya" (1974), "The sky with me" ( 1974), "When the green hills" (CSSR, 1974), "Rosa" (1975), "Jaroslaw Dabrowski" (Poland, 1975), "To live in his own way" (1976), "duty" (1977), "The Fourth height "(1977)," Rasmus-tramp "(1978)," not Leave Your Lovers "(1979)," The Detective "(1979)," Meeting at the end of winter "(1979)," Chronicle of a summer "(1984) , "Attention! All units ... "(1985)," Iron Field "(1986)," Unexpected visits "(1991-1992)," Tractor-2 "(1992)," Price Treasure "(1992)," I blame? "(1992)," St. Petersburg secrets "(1995)," Silent angel flew ... "(1995)," House of the wealthy "(1998) and others.

Among the new works of the actress - Praskovya Dolgoruky in the film directed by S. Druzhininoj "Secrets of Palace Revolutions" Partisan in the picture Panina "Night cordon" and Dyuby role in the play-entreprise director Ivanov "A buffet with holy water" in Theatre "at the ford."

For many years, she is an actress Studio Theatre actor. Among her recent works - the role of kneading in the play Gorky "The Lower Depths" staged by E. Martsevich. New antrepriznom Theatre Union of Cinematographers "Artifact" Larisa played in the play directed by Gennady Shaposhnikov "theatrical anecdote" based on the play staged by Nikolai Kalita "Chicken." On the "Engagement" stage theater plays Shamraeva in Chekhov`s "The Seagull" (directed by G. Shaposhnikov). Prepared by a solo performance on the play by V. Dyachenko, "The Woman in the style of Autumn" on the theme of women`s loneliness. The premiere was a success in the theater of Arts and Spesivtseva.

The work in theater and film, LA Luzhin combines with teaching. For several years she has been teaching the art of acting at the Moscow Academy of children`s folk art "Russia" at the Department of Education of the Moscow Government. In the creative life of the actress is always a place for concerts and meetings with the audience. Larisa has long served on the board of Arts, is chairman of the Women`s Club "Ma`am."

In 1989, LA Luzhin was awarded the title of People`s Artist of the RSFSR. She was awarded the medal "For labor merits".

In his spare time Larisa loves to be in nature, to read, to sew. He is fond of music, preferring the classics and retro. Among her favorite pieces of music - opera by E. Grieg`s "Peer Gynt", waltz composer Molchanov from the movie "On Seven Winds".

Lives and works in Moscow.