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Date of Birth: 08/18/1972

Age: 44

Citizenship: Russia


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Viewers of cinema and theater Larisa Shatilo known as an actress Lara Chaklin. In fact it is not quite something and nickname. Lara - short for Larisa and Chaklin - the most that neither is, the real name of her father and grandfather. As the actress said: "Just decided to return to his roots. For consonance I removed from the end of the letter "a." In my opinion, the combination of Lara Chaklin more conformable than Lara Chaklin ".


In 1997, Lara Chaklin graduated RATI, workshop A. Borodin. Within three years, the young actress has played on the stage of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre. Roles were different: Jukka dog in the children`s play "Once upon a time ..." Polina Raskolnikov in "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky, Spring fairy tale "The Shaman and the Maiden" (on the works of Ostrovsky and V. Khlebnikov), Mrs Yulkevich in play "moral pani Dulskoy" Mrs. Frank in the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" ...

In subsequent years, Lara Chaklin performed at the theater "ApARTe" (2000, "The Sakhalin Wife", the role of Olga) and the Central Theater of the Russian Army (2003, "The Cherry garden", the role of Elena, 2004, "The old bachelor, or The Libertines "). The play "The Sakhalin Wife" was filmed in 2002.


In the movie Lara Chaklin removed since 2001. At first, she battered cameo. The first major work of the actress on screen was the role in the TV series "Zone", which is based on real events of life in prison. Lara Chaklin played Dr. Marina Shvernik, a prominent woman, with character. The actress admits that much in the image of its heroine made series creator Peter Stein: "He gave me a tip. And pushing because he saw it he gets the situation and the actions that we have seen on the screen. "

After the "Zone" to Lara Chaklin came first fame. Not to say that it has become super popular, but it is often the street began to learn. This was followed by roles in the rating series "Medical secrecy" (paralyzed patient Julia Rusanov), "Life of the doctor Selivanova" (Elizabeth Karpov), "Atlantis" (Alain, pregnant mistress Peter Andreev), "Champion" (Olga Bondarenko), " Redhead "(Irina). Add popular actress and participated in 2009 in the series "The Kremlin cadets", where she played a psychologist Margarita Sergeyevna Koptelov.


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