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Date of Birth: 03/11/1930

Age: 68

Place of birth: Ruislip

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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One of the highlights of the British film stars of the 1950s has made significant progress thanks to the shooting in such films as `Spring in Park Leyn` (` Spring in Park Lane`) and `Trotti Tru` (` Trottie True`).

Morris has always advocated a much more confident and looked much more mature than many other British starlet postwar period. However, the big roles, unfortunately, almost always eluded her, so that in 1950 it is mostly content with secondary roles in British films.

At a later stage Lana career acted as a `professional eksperta` on many television shows of the 1960s.

Lana Morris was born under the name Averil Morin Anita Morris (Averil Maureen Anita Morris) 11 March 1930, in Ruislip, London, England (Ruislip, London, England). She made her debut on stage as a dancer in the play `A Midsummer noch` ( `A Midsummer Night`s Dream`), held in a theater in the open air in one of the main royal parks in London - Regents Park (Regent`s Park, London).

His name given at birth, Averil changed to `Lana Morris` after film producer Herbert Wilcox (Herbert Wilcox) picked for her role of maid Rosie (Rosie) in the shock hit` Spring in Park Leyn` Anna Neagle (Anna Neagle ) and Michael Wilding (Michael Wilding). In companies with Uisdomom Norman (Norman Wisdom) actress appeared in two comedies, John Paddy Kasteyrsa (John Paddy Carstairs), `Trouble in lavke` (` Trouble in Store`) and `Caliph on chas` (` Man of the Moment` ). In 1950, Lana has become one of the participants farce `Lose Your Head`, shown as part of the West End (West End).

During the filming of the television program `Kaleydoskop` (` Kaleidoscope`) Morris met her future husband, Ronnie Walden (Ronnie Walden), who later became head of the `BBC Light Entertainment`. He died on March 10, 1978,.

Returning to the scene in 1967, Lana, along with Gladys Cooper (Gladys Cooper) was the star of the play Frederick note (Frederick Knott) `Wait Until Dark` ( `Wait Until Dark) and some other productions of the West End, including` Play On With Love `1970 and the long-lived comedy play` Move over, Mrs. Marhem` ( `Move Over, Mrs Markham`) 1971. The final also played Moira Lister (Moira Lister) and Cicely Kortneydzh (Cicely Courtneidge). In 1978, Morris has appeared in productions of `Shut Your Eyes` and` Think of England`, and in 1983 replaced by Judi Dench (Judi Dench) during the tour with the play Whittemora Hugh (Hugh Whitemore) `Pack of Lies`.

In the 1980s, the actress once again can be seen in television programs, for example, in a drama series `Howards` Way` and the series` Inspector Mors` (` Inspector Morse`). TV show reruns were also all over the world with her participation, so Morris felt quite comfortable and did not remain without work.

Before his sudden death, Lana managed to play only once in the play `Dangerous to Know` at the Theatre Royal in Windsor (Theatre Royal, Windsor), together with Michael Praed (Michael Praed) and Ruloy Lena (Rula Lenska). Morris died of a heart attack on May 28, 1998, in Windsor, Berkshire, England (Windsor, Berkshire, England).

One critic wrote of the British actress `Lana Morris - one of the few lucky ones whose appearance is always waiting in the cinema or in pesah`.

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