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Year of birth : 2006

Age: 9 years

Place of Birth : Nashville ,Tennessee, United States

Citizenship : United States


October 7 th 2009, the band`s debut album was ` platinovym` version ` RIAA` - more than a million copies of the album were sold in the United States.

`Lady Antebellum` - American country music group from Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee). The Trio consists of lead singer Charles Kelley (Charles Kelley),pianist and singer Dave Haywood (Dave Haywood) and singer Hilary Scott (Hillary Scott). The team was founded in 2006 ; debuted on the really big concert it in 2007. Scott is the daughter of country singer known Linda Davis (Linda Davis); Kelly `s brother, Josh (Josh Kelley), also known longitudinally in the world of pop music. Kinship played an important role in the formation of the group. Charles previously have worked with Josh - before moving to Nashville in the mid of 2005 ; located in the shadow of more successful brother, however, he eventually got bored - Kelly decided to start a solo project. Soon, Charles was able to enlist the support of a classmate Heywood ; Finally, through their MySpace group found their future third member, Hilary Scott. Named in honor of the band characteristic of buildings ` dovoennoy` (antebellum) architecture.

In 2007, `Lady Antebellum` got a contract with ` Capitol Records`;shortly thereafter, a popular contemporary artists Jim Brickman (Jim Brickman) invited musicians to perform her single `Never Alone`.

His debut solo single - `Love Don`t Live Here` - the band released in September ; in December, the clip was filmed for the song. A little later, it is this single became the main composition of the debut album - released 15th April 2008 under the direction of Paul Worley (Paul Worley) and Victoria Shaw (Victoria Shaw). Later debut single climbed up to 3rd place in the hit - songs paradekantri `Billboard`; It showed quite good results later on the album itself.

The second single, `Lookin` for a Good Time`, was released in June of 2008 ; he managed to climb the charts to 11-th place. Around the same time, `Lady Antebellum` received a contract for the performance at one of the concerts ` Waking Up Laughing Tour` Martina McBride (Martina McBride).

October 7 th 2009, the band`s debut album was ` platinovym` version ` RIAA` - more than a million copies of the album were sold in the United States.

In 2009-m Haywood and Kelley helped further his labelmates Luke Bryan (Luke Bryan) c single entry `Do I`; Scott on this record vocals performed side. October 6, 2009 Brian released his first album - and, of course, I turned to him and `Do I`.

In August 2009, the fourth single released `Lady Antebellum`,` Need You Know`;later he would be the title track of their second album. Launched song in the charts with a 50 th place ; later, however, she was able to climb up to the top of the chart. Pyatyysingl, `American Honey`, was released on January 11th of 2010 - and also reached the top of the charts ; The same fate awaited sixth single, `Our Kind of Lovely`,released in May 31 of 2010. Finally, the 4th single from the second disk (and the 7th in the list) was released on October 4, 2010- th.

The album was released in early 2010 - by February, he has headed the combined hits `Billboard` and hits album in the style of the country ; four weeks after the publication he has become ` platinovym`.

April 28, 2010-of the band performed at the final concert of the popular television reality show `American Idol`; they played `Need You Know`. On September 20, the band embarked on their first major solo tour - in support of the new album ; they started from Orlando, Florida (Orlando, Florida).

28 October 2010-th band performed the national anthem of the country before the next game of the tournament on baseball World Series.

November 10 musicians were invited to perform at the 44th annual awards ceremony for the country music (44th Annual Country Music Awards).

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