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The group "Kublai Khan" although lasted a short time, but remember to fans of heavy music is not only a powerful album ,but also by the fact that its founder Greg Handevidt was an original participant "Megadeth".

Greg was born in the California town of Concord, but at an early age his parents moved to Minnesota, where passed all his childhood. With music, he met six years old when together with her mother listened to the plate "Temptations".Later Man was drawn to heavier things, and he switched to bands like "Kiss" and "Judas Priest". In 12 years, Greg got the first guitar and began to dream of their own team. However, the real opportunity to try it presented itself after the end of high school, when he, along with Dave Ellefson (yes, yes ,thereby) to conquer Los Angeles.

Kublai KhanTak turned out that the guys have settled in the neighborhood with Dave Mustaine and soon joined his newly- group. But in less than four months, Greg left the ranks of the "Megadeth" and went back to Minnesota. There were two reasons : dissimilarity of views with Mustaine and the desire to take care of my child left home. Upon returning to the native land Handevidt continued to write songs and think about your own project.

Once he came across an announcement that " the guitarist is looking for partners for metal " and thus met with Kevin Idso. After a series of jams guys realized that fit together and do co-writing material. It was then that came to light the name "Kublai Khan", comes from Greg`s interest in ancient history. Formation of the composition of the team finally ended with the arrival of bass player and drummer Mike Liski John Fedde.

Kublai KhanV mid 80-x band recorded two demos, and then set about the creation of a full-length album. Interestingly, the records involved in producing Jonathan Acre, known for his work with Prince. "Annihilation" CD was released in 1987 on the label "New Renaissance". Although the album was done quite efficiently and in places like the early "Megadeth",wide distribution it has not received. The reason was quite simple - lack of promotion. As a consequence of the evolution of the project stalled, and after Greg went to serve in the army, the band broke up completely.

Many years passed before Handevidt ITSO and decided to revive "Kublai Khan". However, Fedde Liska and they were not able to attract to the case,so they hired new recruits - Clint Burton (bass) and Jason Weber (drums) . "Annihilation" has been re remix and re-released in 2003 on CD on the "Exit Only Records". Musicians also promised to please fans of "Kublai Khan" a new album, but as long as before, it never came.

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