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Date of Birth: 05/02/1922

Age: 92

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The era of Soviet television

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Xenia Marinin, born Goldgaar - Muscovite by birth, but her mother, Xenia Danilevich, came from a family of Belarusian peasants. The First World War left an orphan girl, and she was able to on their own, just walk, to get to the capital and to enter the medical assistant courses. Education was free, but in order to make money on the food, Xenia Danilevich bore water and chopping firewood, and for a small fee substitute for their classmates on duty at the hospital. Very nice and sociable girl had a lot of friends, and soon married Boris Avgustovich Goldgaara. Former German nobleman was red commander and later led Tryokhgornaya brewery. Xenia was born February 5, 1922, and after her birth mother graduated from medical school and become a doctor. Soon she had to raise a daughter alone - the origin of the name of her husband and made him an easy target for the denunciations, and after a few arrests of parents officially divorced, with older-Xenia has not once rescued her husband from a variety of troubles.

Artistic talent Susie woke up quite early. With three years she invent outfits suit sets of inverted furniture and recited poems. In 1939 she was selected to participate in the National competition, which took place at the Bolshoi Theatre. She learned a great excerpt from the poem `Mtsyri`, prepared the best outfit - and just before the performance felt treacherous huskiness of ice cream eaten the day before. However, it had nowhere to retreat - and her performance was brilliant. In the final year, in addition to preparing to enter the Theater School, Xenia, in the fashion of the time, enrolled in a flying club and even took a few training flights. She bitterly viewed pictures of their former comrades in the club, who did not return from the war, especially one of them, in front of which to feel guilty for inappropriate coquetry and ridiculous spat.

Years of training in Xenia Schepkinskom drama school occurred in the war. In 1945, the young actress was admitted to the Little Theatre, then in the theater actor. Performances, concerts, tours - and familiarity with the famous veterans of the Maly Theatre and the Moscow Art Theater, opera singers, directors. In 1950, Xenia tried his hand at directing, staged in the theater Lenkom, and realized that the director profession she likes more than the actor`s craft. She enrolled in GITIS, the faculty of directing and additionally became a student-zaochnitsey philosophical faculty of Moscow State University. And in 1957, after a short period of work as a director in the Theater. Pushkin, Ksenia Marinin came to the Central Television, to the post of director of the literary and dramatic programs. Her workplace was the old office desk, standing in a variety of the same table. Opening one of the drawers, where Ksenia found a litter of kittens. Colleagues very surprised and unanimously agreed that it is a happy sign - and they were right!

Television programs of that time was different from today not only for its importance in the lives of viewers. Owners watched TV all programs from start to finish, and often `on televizor` came and neighbors. In this static frame and a black and white color screen `golubogo` offset living esters, operational flow of materials, carefully selecting text and video. Although television was considered a serious rival to cinemas, it is television that time paid much attention to films and film masters. In 1960 Marinin became the director of film editors, and in 1962 led the transfer, which has become a legend of Soviet television.

`Kinopanorama` told about updates to the domestic and foreign film distribution, represented by well-known actors and directors, the history of world cinema. Each of its leading - Zinovy ??Gerdt, Eldar Ryazanov, Alexei Kapler and other celebrities - were unique personalities, contributes to the transfer of something of their own, not always controlled by senior management. But at the same Xenia Marinin, who looked often at the edge of a precipice, always knew how to take a commanding officer anger. Just at the beginning of his career, in 1963, she was urged to cut out the plot of the III Moscow Festival references about the director Fellini, won the main prize of the famous film `Eight polovinoy`. Marinin not obeyed, thus preserving the unique recording interviews with Fellini, Simone Signoret and other stars. Moreover, the emergence of `Kinopanorame` often became a point` opaly` removal. So it was, for example, Lyudmila Gurchenko, which, after the story in `Kinopanorame` again began to receive invitations to leading roles. Much dissatisfaction caused DH guidance and training programs with the participation of Vladimir Vysotsky. It was expressly agreed that the transfer will take part in a large group of actors, and Vysotsky perform only one song. However, the legendary singer was the only party, and wrote a cycle of songs. The footage went on the shelf and was released after the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, becoming the brightest of his lifetime records. In 1987 Xenia B. became the author of the film `Vladimir Vysotsky: Monolog`.

`Kinopanorama` held at the peak of popularity until the early 90-ies. The crisis of the national cinema could not help but reflect on the fate of the famous transmission, and in 1995 it ceased to broadcast. Xenia Marinin, despite his age, led the stock `Panorama`, conducted a series of programs on the channel` Kultura`. In 2003, she was awarded the title of People`s Artist of Russia, and in 2012 she was in honor of the anniversary of `` zolotogo` Kinopanoramy` received the prize of the organizing committee of the festival `Moscow premera`.

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