Ksenia Lavrova-glinka

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Date of birth: 14.10.1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Kimry

Citizenship: Russia

Oleg Tabakov Course

Winner of "the triumph of Youth" (2009)


Xenia O. Lavrova-Glinka (nee Lavrov) was born October 14, 1977 in the town Kimry of the Tver region. Hyphenated name actress acquired after marriage, combining his mother`s maiden name to her husband`s surname. Xenia Olegovna - hereditary actress. Her grandfather served in the theater of drama and comedy. Father Oleg Lavrov, People`s Artist of Russia, for many years was an actor Kimry Drama Theatre, and since 1994 he is the artistic director.

Although Xenia and grew up in an artistic environment, for the time being it is not seriously thought about the career of the actress. In school, a girl in parallel with general education received and the music - violin. There were many other hobbies, and only to the end of the school Xenia realized that she really only interesting scene.


After high school, Xenia Lavrov went to conquer Moscow. She filed papers in several theater schools, but the show was only in the Moscow Art Theater School. There`s young talent appreciated and enrolled on a course of Oleg Tabakov.

In 1998, Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School, but it was not included in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre. Instead, she found herself in the theater

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