Ksenia Hairova (talyzina)

Picture of Ksenia Hairova (talyzina)

Date of Birth: 03/29/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

Website: Celebrities

Khairova Xenia was born in a family of famous actress Valentina Talyzina and artist Leonid Nepomnyastchy. The marriage of her parents was short-lived life together did not work, and shortly after the birth of her daughter, they parted. Nepomnyashchii went to Mexico, where he began a new life: married, became a famous artist.

In childhood and adolescence Xenia wore mom`s name. The girl studied at the Moscow special school with advanced study of foreign languages. Study was not in vain: and now the actress is fluent in three foreign languages.

Despite the mother monastery itself Xenia in no hurry to become the continuer of a dynasty. At first she was going to enter the Institute of Foreign Languages, but then changed her mind and filed documents in the theater. Valentine Illarionovna as she could, tried to dissuade her daughter from this step. Who, if not to her, to know about all the difficulties this difficult profession. But Xenia its decision did not change the ...

Theatre and Cinema. The road to recognition

In 1990, Xenia graduated GITIS, where she studied in the course of EN Lazarev. In the following years she had experienced many disappointments. Film directors for a long time did not even consider the candidacy of the famous actress daughter. Perhaps they acted widespread belief that nature is resting on the children of celebrities. Although this statement is very, very controversial, which there are many examples. Whatever it was, but Xenia had to settle for work in the Russian Army Theatre (in the company of which she was in 1993). On its stage actress she has been busy in the performances: "Soldier and Eve" (Eve), "Shlyuk and Yau" (Princess Zidzelil), "Oresteia" (Elektra), "On the busiest place" (Anna), "The Love of Don Perlimplin" ( Belisa), "The Wonderful wizard of Oz" (Dorothy), "Much Ado About nothing" (Margarita), "Late love" (Leb