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Ksenia Filippova spoke about how the casting on the street, why Bykov wanted to get away from home during the shooting, and he married her suitor, and that did not become an actress, not to play in theaters bunnies.

We continue our series of interviews with the actors, the children played in the old Soviet films. This time our guest Ksenia Filippova, the same "Iron Button" from the movie Rolan Bykov "Scarecrow."

- Xenia, this year`s film Bykov 30 years. What was your fate after such a powerful start acting?

- I acted in Kiev, at the studio to them. Dovzhenko, in "Troika" film. Then I was invited to a lot of much, but all the tests and came to an end. Rolan Bykov all child actors after the "Scarecrow" made the so-called stellar vaccinated against the disease. "You will be invited to other roles, journalists will write about you laudatory articles, fans will ask for autographs, but you keep in mind - to you it has nothing to do", - said Bykov. My head is so stuck that I thought all I still remain a "button", so why go to the actress, if I have to play on the children`s matinees bunnies?

So I went to enter the Moscow State University Department of Philology, but at this faculty just in my first year added an exam on the "inedible" for me the subject, something like geography, and I decided not to risk it. I handed over the documents to the MGIMO, which then opened the door for people "from the street". As a result, she entered the Faculty of Economics. Before the 1998 crisis, he has worked in a bank, then was engaged in the advertising business, and now am working in a small private art gallery.

- And you do not regret that you did not become an actress?

- What happened, it happened. I`m glad I had this experience, but his present life happy. The work in this film gave me communion with Bykov. I`m then also in his fund has worked for four years. First, a translator, and then in the advertising department. All the accident happened. After graduating from college, I ran on a visit to his foundation. We began to talk, he asked everyone, "What can you do? What have you learned? I do not want to have to work for me? "Needless to say, I`m a great joy to him gone! Bykov was a dominant figure in any society held the attention. And my house is always admired his love for his wife. He could not embarrassed by others, on the street to stand in front of her, to kiss her hand. We maintain a relationship with him until his death.

- Is it true that the Bulls gave your privacy - delivered a letter from a fan, who later became your second half?

- Yes, it is the whole "Santa Barbara" (laughs). Roland Antonovich after filming us, the children, said: "The letters come to you bags, even the soldiers wrote. But I do not transfer them to you, refrain from all the same: "Let`s get acquainted." I want to send only one letter - from grade 11 student, addressed to a button that I liked. It is from an adult, intelligent man. " When I read it, some of the questions I have put in a blind alley. For example, there was this: "What do you think s achem orchestra in the film? Obviously, what he was playing some kind of role? "I had also consulted with my mother to answer correctly.

It turned out that the author of the letter was a second-year student, and signed 11-grader, so as not to frighten me with their adulthood. We started to correspond. Then he came to me from St. Petersburg, where he lived, with a large bouquet of flowers, we met. I was 14 years old, he was 20. All the girls at school were then boyfriend classmates and I - an adult. He became often come to me to Moscow by train. If there was a morning flight, dozing on the bench, so as not to wake me early in my visit. And we were married four years later. Of course, I still have doubts, but my parents before I realized what this is all over. Bykov I wanted us to the wedding godfather invite. But then he was a member, and the time could not find.

- In your role Bykov called Malvina - Tatiana Protsenko, but after its failure chose you. The film even had a lot of "thieves` children: a daughter Pugacheva - Christina Aguilera, stepfather Bykov - Vsevolod Sanaa, Kustinskaya son - Dmitry Yegorov. How did you get into this business without connections?

- Oh, I do not know how I could see the Bulls. Everything was very simple: come to our school assistant director, asked who wanted to go to the bulls in the sample. Polshkoly wanted, so the casting, which took place on the street in a big flower bed, came the unthinkable number of school. All told to stand in six rows. I humbly stood in the fifth. Roland Antonovich carefully walked past us, and then I was asked to come to fotoproby.

- Christina Aguilera starred in Lena Bessoltsevu and told me that after the shooting so friends with Nikulin, she called him only a grandfather, but he was her granddaughter. You become friends with their peers?

- By the end of the school I was friends with Christine, Marina (Motya, classmate Lena Bessoltsevoy -. Ed.) And Dima Somov (Dmitry Bykov - Ed.).. On all birthdays, we visited each other`s homes.

And then Christine was a very simple girl. Without star quirks, I lived with my grandmother. With my mother I saw only on holidays. And she was all like all Soviet children: school, muzykalka, friends, girlfriends. But after graduation, all gone, married povyskakivali. However, many years later, when filming a movie dedicated to the "Scarecrow", we all gathered at home at Lena Sanaeva, but talking too much already about.

- What for you was the most difficult on the set?

- It was hard to get together. On the ground in between, we were laughing, fooling around, telling jokes, and then had to cry for real. Bykov, we immediately made it clear: "I tell you I will not do glycerin tears do will I have to roar, and all through you to pass." He drove us, so zhuchil! And then shot on film, every inch of which was worth a lot of money. Bulls, of course, with us then much hardship, but he knew for what.

- Ingeborg Dapkunayte recalled Nikita Mikhalkov hit her cheeks on the set of "Burnt by the Sun", that her tears were real. Are you the Bulls used this method?

- Nobody beat us. We closed with him in a separate room, long and hard about something said. During this time he led a person to a state of "hara-kiri". When we got out of him, his eyes were wet themselves on the spot. I even had a moment at the beginning of filming, I decided to run away from the site. I had a home girl. And then in another city had to go without parents, people unfamiliar, and I announced to all: "All I`m leaving." Bulls two o`clock with me talking. Parents are frightened, they say, will pay a penalty if your daughter is gone. Parents were ready for it. But thank God, nothing happened, I stayed.

- In those days, many of the children in the film earned more parents ...

- We paid 120 rubles, the same amount received in their enterprises, and my mom and dad. But as parents all my childhood, when I asked them to buy me a dog, answered that there is no money, then when I got my first honestly earned, said: "Now the money is!" And bought spaniel, who became my friend on 16 years. The rest just took on a life.

- Xenia, but as a husband and son refer to your past?

- My husband still can not explain to me that he knocked in the head and why he decided to write me a letter. The son, on the contrary, the film is well aware, and it seems to me, even proud of me. I film and now rare, but look. I feel that every time I see it with different eyes. Mostly it seems - the film is not modern, and the children do not speak right now. And then you think: "We then were different." I myself, when I look, some scenes in the film is still the soul turned inside. Especially where Cristina yells: "You can not run, can not run away!" Her tears were there gush from his eyes that when I see it, she was crying.

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