Ksenia Desni

Picture of Ksenia Desni

Date of Birth: 01/19/1894

Age: 68

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Germany


The aspiring actress was born on January 19, 1894 in Kiev. Artistic way to show her at an early age and found expression in the passion of the dance. Parents encourage that passion for his daughter. It is known that in the early 10`s she came to Germany, where in 1911 gave birth to a daughter, the future actress Tamara gums. During the revolution Xenia fled to Constantinople, where for some time she danced in various variety shows, and in the early 20`s moved to Berlin.

In 1921, she debyutirovalav movie, getting a tiny role in the film "Sappho", where Greek poet played by Pola Negri. The first major role, she received in 1922 in the film Johannes Gyutera "Call of rock." Total Gyuter Xenia took eight films - including a fairly successful films "The Princess Souvarine" (1923), "Jump into life" (1924), where she played a circus acrobat, "Tower of Silence" (1925).

Other notable work actress of those years have been such films as "William Tell" (1923), "The Other" (1924) Gerhart Lamprecht, "newfound Bride" (1925), "The dream of Waltz" (1925) Ludwig Berger. The last film - and one of the most expressive works of the actress - was filmed based on the operetta by Oscar Straus, that was pretty bold for a silent film.

The heyday of Xenia`s career came in 1926 & # 8722; 1927 years. She is actively removed and its partners is no less popular artists - Rudolf Klein-Rogge (in 1927, he starred in "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang, and the gums played in the movie "The Diamond Rose"), Olga Chekhov and Max Hansen ( "Family Simek - Viennese heart "), Willy Fritsch (" Bride of boxer "), Harry Liedtke (" Soldier Marie "and" Girl of the people "), and others.

With the advent of sound film era Xenia, as well as many other popular actress, she has ceased to be in demand, and in 1929 left the cinema. How did her life further - is unknown. In 1954, she died in France, but the exact date, cause and place of death are not recorded.