Kristina Asmus

Picture of Kristina Asmus

Date of Birth: 04/14/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: Korolev

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Christine Asmus sporting past. She was engaged in gymnastics, achieving the rank of candidate master of sports.

In 2008, Christine Asmus entered the WTU them. Shchepkina on the course of the famous actor Boris Klyuyev. As a student, she played in performances E. Mahoning "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." (Jack Komelkova) and N. Ermakova "Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarzhi" (Fantin).

The debut of the actress on the screen was one of the main roles in the comedy series Maxim Pezhemskii "Interns". The plot of the series is simple: Dr. Bykov, played by the famous Ivan Okhlobystin receives training four students. With this news, he was not happy and begins to play with the guys all medical cynicism ... Christina Asmus played one of the interns - Varia Chernous - clean, honest, good girl, who did not come into medicine for the money, but to save lives.

In 2010, the aspiring actress Sasha starred as a detective director Nikolai Gusev "left work".


2009-2010 Interns - series

2010 Left Work