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Alfonso - a former skater and model. She is best known for playing Hope Williams Brady played in ` dolgozhitele` television network NBC, The soap opera Days of Our zhizni` ` (` Days of our Lives`).

Kristian Alfonso appeared to be released on September 5 1963 in Brockton, Massachusetts (Brockton, Massachusetts). She started out as a figure skater and won gold at the Youth Olympic Games. In 13 years, Alfonso seriously broken into bespoloznyh sled (toboggan) on this put an end to his sports career and has moved in the model. By age 15 she had already shone on more than 30 covers of glossy magazines, including `Harper`s Bazaar` and ` Vogue`. For the first time on television, Christian played in the film `Starmaker` 1981.

In April 1983, Alfonso won the role of Hope Williams Brady on the series ` Days of Our zhizni`. During the game the project her character had time to fall in love and get married. Then the actress in April 1987, two years is gone from the series - in another soap opera, Falcon Krest` ` (` Falcon Crest`), where the last two seasons played Pilar Ortega. From April to June 1990, it has been recorded in ` Days of Our zhizni` continued ; the plot her character was going to die. Together with Dolph Lundgren (Dolph Lundgren) actress starred in the action ` Tree Dzhoshua` (` Joshua Tree`) 1993, where she played the role of beauty, taken hostage fugitive cop, falsely accused of murder.

For the third time in ` Days of Our zhizni` Christian returned in May 1994 - in the form of an amnesiac Gina, very similar to the Hope. Ultimately,viewers find out that Gina and Hope - one person, but not before playing out the protracted storyline involving the villain Stefano dimer promo Hope brains and convince her that she was a kind of Princess Gina Von Amberg.

Alfonso appeared in the sixth season of the popular worldwide comedy series ` Druzya` (` Friends`),in an episode of `The One That Could Have Been, Part 1`. She played all the same Hope Brady in Days of our ` zhizni`. To pursue a career in the modeling environment, she was recruited by a modeling agency in New York City (New York). Later, Christian is often performed by the judge on the talent search program `Talent America`. Because of a succession of ups and downs in feshn-the world she decided to return to the series ` Days of Our zhizni` and extended the contract for two years.

Alfonso also starred in the TV series ` Secret Agent Makgayver` (`MacGyver`),` Full dom` (`Full House`),` Justice Berka` (`Burke`s Law`),` She wrote ubiystvo` (`Murder, She Wrote`), ` Melrose Pleys` (` Melrose Place`),. ` Rescuers Malibu` (` Baywatch`), etc. Her acting game can be assessed in the films ` Murder blindly, or in the thrall of navazhdeniya` (` Blindfold: Acts of Obsession`), ` slepyh` Kingdom (` In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King`) and ` Day iskupleniya` (` Day of Redemption`).The actress was married to Simon Macaulay (Simon Macauley) from 1987 to 1991 - th. In marriage, a son ,

Gino William (Gino William), who was born in October of 1990.

Christian married for the second time Deggenhersta Danny (Danny Daggenhurst) October 6, 2001 - th. The couple have two children : Jack (Jack), was born July 18, 2002 th, and Spartan (Spartan),her stepson.

In November 2006, Alfonso has introduced its own line of jewelry. She sells jewelry through the shopping channel QVC and its website, where it laid out all design work.

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