Kristen Gilbert

Picture of Kristen Gilbert

Date of Birth: 11/13/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Fall River

Citizenship: United States

`Angel Smerti` for elderly patients

Christine Gilbert (Kristen Gilbert) was born in 1967 and grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts (Fall River, Massachusetts). However, when her name was still Christine Strickland (Kristen Strickland).

Since childhood the girl showed a fairly high intellectual capacity. In addition, Kristin has been a good, growing up in an absolutely stable family and had a younger sister.

Despite a lively mind, beauty and good grades in their teens, Christine started a lot of lying, and it is celebrated all her friends and acquaintances. In addition, she became very nervous and demonstrated his rather bizarre attacks where wanted and when she wanted to. So, learning Kristin closer, all her friends tried later to move away from her - so sudden and unexpected was her behavior. In addition, it also made endless false friendship impossible.

In 16 years, Christine graduated from high school and enrolled to study at the College of Greenfield Community College, where he received a nursing certificate in 1988.

In the same year she married Gilbert Glenn (Glenn Gilbert), taking its name.

In 1990, a young nurse started working at the medical center in Northampton (VAMC in Northampton), not far from her job a couple bought a house. Center Patients were mostly elderly people and veterans.

She immediately made a great impression on the bosses with their knowledge and dexterity, and colleague Christine admired and even envied her some merit. However, it is still somewhat unlucky at work - began to die too often elderly patients is a change in her. Despite this unfortunate little thing, Kristin liked all - both patients and colleagues. She was charming, always remembered birthdays, organize parties and presents, all the time to the service.

Shortly colleagues have jokingly called Woman Angel of Death - so many deaths of patients had to watch Christine.

Marriage Christine Glenn and soon gave treschinu- by the time the couple had two children already. By the way, the reason for this was the first friendship and then something more between Christine and the police officer James Perrot (James Perrault), who began working in the security service of the medical center.

The relationship with her husband deteriorated in direct proportion with the friendship and Christine James. Once Glenn said that Christine was trying to poison him. It is not known how justified this statement, but soon, Christine left her husband and children and moved to another apartment. Relationship and its Perrault continued, and at the same time for Christine already closely but imperceptibly she watched her colleagues.

Thus, it was found that patients who have had quite a strong heart, dying one by one from cardiac arrest.

In 1996, three colleagues Christine insist on an official investigation - too frequent deaths in their wards. In the three years since then, Gilbert came to work in the VAMC, mortality institution utroilas.Politseyskoe investigation began.

Later sounded very scary numbers - the hospital staff suggested that Gilbert was responsible for about 80 or more cases of death of patients, as well as for the creation of at least 300 emergency threatening the life and health situations.

A total of seven years of work as a nurse Christine died in 350 people during her shift, which, of course, sounded a bit strange to match. By the way, Gilbert and motives were unclear.

Kristen Gilbert was convicted March 14, 2001 in federal court in Massachusetts. Although requested by the death penalty, she was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 20 years.

From federal prison Framingham Gilbert transferred to a prison in Fort Worth, Texas (Fort Worth, Texas), where it is contained.

History of Kristen Gilbert became the basis of the book by M. William Phelps (M. William Phelps) called `Perfect Poison`.