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Year of birth: 2007

Age: 8 years

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship: United States

Electronic music from Yousaf sistersOnce Krewella group consisted of nurses and Kris Trindl Yousaf, the former lover of one of the sisters.Later the path Trindla Yousaf and dispersed, and quite loud; the quality of the music, however, was not affected - even two of the sisters give very, very high-quality product.

The original lineup consisted of two sisters,Jahan Yousaf (Jahan Yousaf) and Yasmine Yousaf (Yasmine Yousaf); some time with them and worked more producer Christopher Trindl (Kristopher `Rain Man` Trindl), but in the 2014th went their way. Met sister Yousaf c Kris Trindl still in school. At that time they created music that existed at the intersection of electro - house and dubstep;can be seen in their work and the influence of other styles of electronic music.

During the first three years of working together - from 2007 to 2010th - Chris and Yasmin Jahan considered common group rather as a hobby than as a serious work project. Periodically, they recorded new songs -and not particularly limiting themselves to the standard scope of electronic music. Some of their early work - for example, the composition `Sasquatch Hands` and` Go Hard` - can be found on the Web even now; officially, however, these works have never been published. It is known that in the period of 2007 for 2011-th Christopher and Jahan had an affair - unfortunately, then broke off.

June 8th, 2010, the sisters Yousaf and Christopher took a fateful decision - to forget about their careers, their studies and other endeavors of life, in order to fully concentrate on a joint musical career. Day of decision-making trio imprinted on their bodies in the form of a tattoo `6-8-10`.

Shortly thereafter Trindl Yousaf and sisters found themselves first professional managers; they became Barbara Kennedy (Barbara Kennedy) and Terry Casey (Terry Casey). A new stage of the group with active appearances in a number of local places of entertainment -such as the Chicago club `Avalon`. At that time, members of the group were engaged exclusively DJ work, almost without thinking about their own rooms. Christopher, Jahan and Yasmine at that time were still not well known and, as a consequence, You could hardly expect a very warm welcome from the public. Continuing to work actively,companions managed to create his own music label; Records that went under this label, drawing much-needed attention Krewella group. In December of 2011, the band released a series of video clips, that the musicians prepared the public for his new single. He came out in the beginning of 2012 - and was adopted by a very, very warm;I vdhnovil success of the group and pushed them to continue working together.

In June 2012, the band released their EP `Play Hard`; drive proved relatively successful, and even rose to the top spot in the ranking of` Billboard`s Dance Radio Airplay`. The single from the disc, in turn, was able to get into the rating of `Pop Radio Airplay`.Pretty group worked actively and in concert; in fact, Krewella headlined a number of major festivals of electronic dance music, like `Ultra Music Festival`,` Electric Daisy Carnival`, `Stereosonic`,` Spring Awakening`, `Sunburn Festival` and ` Paradiso`. Concert activity brought the band considerable fame ; in 2012-th trio even won award `International Dance Music Award` in the category ` Best proryv`.

Critics believed in the great future of the band ;

after a `Ultra Music Festival` in 2013 th` Billboard` said that Krewella certainly can become really big project. After the release of their debut album Light - plate `Get Wet` - praises did not abated;for the first week after the release of the disc managed to get into the top ten `Billboard`s Hot 200`.Later, the group attended the support group podyuserskoy` Cash Cash`; joint efforts they managed to release a second single Krewella, `Live For The Night`.

In January 2014 Krewella began to cooperate with the brand `Electric Family`;this brand has long specialized in the production of various kinds of goods in the style of electronic dance music. Their joint project was a new band; 100 % of the proceeds from sales of this bracelet went to charity wing - artist and a brand together supported the project `Dance For Paralysis`.The charity project to work with new friends just won - as of February 2014 -of the total collected amount exceeded the threshold of 10 million dollars.

In September 2014 it was reported that Christopher Trindl is no longer part Krewella. Parting passed difficult and not very nice -Trindl filed for sisters Yousaf in court by requesting $ 5 million and claiming that he was expelled from the team unfairly. The sisters said counterclaim; Christopher accused of an unhealthy addiction to alcohol and drugs and stupid habit pretend to be a DJ on stage. In addition,the sisters announced that Christopher Trindl left grppy independently on their own.

Suppose that in a reduced lineup, but the group continues to perform to this day. Now Yousaf sisters work under the direction of Adell Jake (Jake Udell) and Lima Nathan (Nathan Lim) from the managerial group `TH3RD BRAIN`. Even deprived Trindla,Yousaf continued to work - and very soon the sisters presented to the public a new project, the single `Say Goodbye`.

Jahan Yousaf was born on August 27th 1989 in Texas (Texas); her childhood took place in Chicago. American citizen, Jehan Mauger boasts of having in his veins, Pakistani, German and Lithuanian blood.It is known that at the moment Jahan affair with American actor John Deydrikom Casey (Casey Jon Deidrick).

Yasmine Yousaf was born on 18 February 1992 ; as well as a sister, she was born in Texas. When the group was only founded, Yasmin was responsible for most of the lyrics and singing. Even before the creation Krewella Yousaf Jr.had time to try yourself in the music as a member of the indie rock band Sunset and Camden. Now Yasmine Yousaf meets with producer and DJ of the project `Adventure Club` James Leighton (Leighton James)

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