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for the study of intestinal gas specialist

Timely diagnosis of diseases - an extremely important task; timely detection of diseases treated much more easily - and often it is in timely detection of disease lies the boundary between life and death of a human. Cancer - one of the most feared diseases of our time; cunning tumors is also in the habit of lurking in the human body without causing any really noticeable manifestations until the moment when the fight with them will be too late. There are many techniques that allow to diagnose - or, at least, try to diagnose - cancer in the early stages; one of the most unusual of such techniques is a project Kurush Kalantar-Zadeh, a professor in electrical engineering and a specialist. Team Kalantar-Zadeh worked at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; it was here that a group of scientists is studying ... intestinal gas.

As a general rule, apply not made of intestinal gases in the society; being a popular topic in the low-brow comedies, this kind of gases are unlikely to ever become a worthy topic of cultural conversation. Kalantar-Zadeh and his team, however, found that these gases can vnimatelnyyanaliz often very, very much to say about the state of human health. In theory, such tests can quickly identify the disease from a fairly wide range - like irritable bowel syndrome or colon cancer. Alas, to carry out such analyzes is quite difficult; however, Kurush Kalantar-Zadeh and his team managed to develop 2 new, surprisingly effective method.

The first method is referred to as `fecal fermentatsiya`; taken from the patient`s feces samples are placed in a container in the special conditions that mimic the `obstanovku` in the intestine and there properly` nastaivayutsya`. During sample scientists isolated necessary gases which are analyzed automatically by sensors installed in the container. Sam Kurush Kalantar-Zadeh calls such containers `fecal posevami`. Already, scientists have been able to get very, very interesting results; apparently, in the long term, this technique can be incredibly effective. Of course, the experiments will continue in the future; Kurush with great enthusiasm engaged in new experiences - and even personally provide samples for research.

The second approach is based on the use of special gas-sensitive capsules and, in general, shows almost greater efficiency. Results of analyzes such capsules can pass directly from the intestine into, for example, a mobile phone. Small - a length of only 1 centimeter - and fairly cheap (about 6.7 euros per share), capsules resemble conventional pills. Someone might remember quite well-known in Russia in the 90 `Kremlin tabletki`; Capsules Kalantar-Zadeh, however, focused on the study and analysis of the behavior of one particular species of human organisms.

Australian scientists proposed technology, with all its `neappetitnosti`, offers great prospects; even now it is possible to make some conclusions based on the analysis of intestinal gas, and in the future, as a set of new material, the number of diagnosed diseases such analyzes may increase a hundredfold. High technology made it possible to invest in a relatively small capsules are a lot of interesting; during his stay in the body of the capsule have time to analyze the state of the internal gas with a special built-in sensor, a microprocessor to process the data and send them in the `external mir` on Wi-Fi.

Project Professor Kalantar-Zadeh - is not the first attempt to conduct such analyzes non-invasive manner; previous techniques - such as breath analysis - were quite ineffective. However, this direction for a long time it seemed promising; in the end, the work of intestinal microorganisms must be directly related to the environmental condition of their habitats, and the study of these organisms, waste products should give a lot of useful data to physicians. Even if a direct link between gas and the state of health can not be identified, scientists are still planning to get a lot of useful information about the life and functioning of the intestinal microbes and their role in digestive problems and efficient processing of food. Analysis of the data will allow the pill to give answers to other questions; so, if necessary, a person can with a high degree of accuracy to assess whether certain products are compatible with his personal `ekosistemoy` intestines - and, on the basis of this assessment, think about a change of diet, or a visit to a specialist in gastrointestinal problems.

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