Konstantin Vorobiev

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Date of Birth: 03/13/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


In 1977 he entered the LGITMiK (now St. Petersburg Academy of Theatrical Arts), where he studied in the studio of RS Agamirzyan.

After graduating in 1981, she joined the theater named after VF Komisarzhevskoy. He played in more than two dozen productions, including: "The list does not mean" (Pluzhnikov), "Thunderstorm" (Tikhon), "Twelfth Night" (Jester), "Days of Turbines" (Alexei Turbin), "Mozart and Salieri" ( Mozart), "Hamlet" (Guildenstern).

At the present time - leading actor Youth Theatre on the Fontanka (St. Petersburg).

On-screen debut in 1982 in a small role trehseriynom TV movie "Treasure Island". The first major film role - Lieutenant Sasha in the film Olga Narutskoy "We can not predict ..." (1985).

In 2003 he starred in the film "The Tale of Fedot Sagittarius."


1982 Treasure Island

1985 We can not predict ... (story in the film almanac "Manka")

1985: Accused

1986 Left-handed

1986 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The twentieth century begins

1987 Moonzund

1988 My husband and daughter Tamara Alexandrovna

1988 Renewals kind

1989 Philip Traum

1992 On the Irtysh ( "On the bank of the Irtysh River")

1995 Robert and Clara

1999 Science and Life - a / m

2000 National Security Agent 2. The killing of Technology

2000 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

2000 Purple Twilight

2000 Own shadow

2000 The text of an apology or a comment

2000 Alien Cross

2002 Baron - TV series

2003 Tale of Fedot Sagittarius

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