Konstantin Vladimirskiy

Picture of Konstantin Vladimirskiy

Date of Birth: 05/18/1185

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia

biography ( "The rulers of Russia", "SATIS" St. Petersburg 1993)

Born in the city of Vladimir-on-Klyazma 18 May 1185 g .; He went with his father to vezhi Polovtsian to p. Don in 1198 .; sent by his father to rule in Novgorod in 1206 .; chairing Novgorod, he was with his father in the capture of Pronsk where not returned to Novgorod, but in Rostov, given to him as an inheritance to the five cities in 1207 g .; Vladimir drove army to Novgorod, but without a fight, v1209 g .;

not for who is known, drove the bride`s father in Kiev, and accompanied her to Vladimir in 1211 g .; quarreled with his father for failing to pay - with their future voknyazheniya - Rostov inheritance to his younger brother, Yuri (later the Grand Duke Yuri II, see 192.), declared disinherited and Yuri Rostov upset by his father`s death in 1212. g .; Yuri upset again, Rostov same, and, having lost the specific impact on Moscow, he made a fragile peace with his brother in 1213 g .; with the help of Novgorod, Prince Mstislav predvodimyh remove (see para. 145), utterly defeated Yuri April 21 Lipetsk field (in Yuryev Uyezd, Vladimir Province) and took the Grand Buffet in 1216

He died in the city of Vladimir on the Klyazma February 2, 1219 g .; his body was buried in the same place, in the Assumption Cathedral.

The Grand Duke Constantine was married to the daughter of Mstislav Romanovich, Prince of Smolensk, unknown by the name of the mundane, but monasticism bride Agathias (see para. 3), and had with her three sons, of whom cornflowers (Basil), Prince of Rostov (see para. 49) , the clergy church canonized.