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Date of birth: 28.01.1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Weekdays Russian cowboy


As acknowledged by Constantine himself Solovyov, in his childhood he was a hooligan boy: fought in the yard, smoking. His friends at school even entered in the black list: want to expel. Fortunately, everything worked out. In the tenth grade, he was determined - it is necessary to take on the mind ...

Life on the two countries

In 1999, Konstantin Solovyov graduated from the Theater School. BV Shchukin, where he studied on a course VVIvanov. For some time the actor played in the Moscow Academic Theater. Evg.Vahtangova, was engaged in the productions of "Cyrano de Bergerac" (Christian) and "The Promised Land" (by Frank Taylor).

Then, in the late 90`s, Konstantin Solovyov married the American actress and went to live in the United States. However, due to the Russian lost. About 10 years he lived in the two countries, and all this time actively starred in various Russian films and serials. Among the most important works: the surgeon Sergei Nazarov melodrama Alexander Atanesyan "Summer rain", is an American actor Max Kallogen in the adventure comedy "Russian agent", Andrei Simonov in the psychological drama "The Executioner" Sergei Beloshnikova, journalist Pavel Ilyin, director in the TV series "Helpline" , Head of "rich and favorite" security concern Malashenko in the series, teacher Stanislavski Sir in "Two sisters" series, the Wanderer in the TV series "Fighter".

Back to Russian

In 2008, with his wife Constantine relationship deteriorated, and everything was going to divorce.

Then Konstantin Soloviev finally decided to go back to Russia to live on dvestrany he was tired.

On the set of a melodrama directed by Daria Poltoratskaya "Lace" (in which he played the role of an American businessman Martin Heiken) Konstantin Solovyov met a Russian actress, performs a tiny episode. The actor decided on the second attempt to build a family, and acts very quickly and deliberately. They come, get married, but, unfortunately, after three years of living together, Constantine realizes his mistake and goes by his second wife.

Among the works by Konstantin Solovyov in 2009-10: Egor Nikolaev in the series` Cherkizon. Disposable People "Fedor in the melodrama" Sagebrush - grass cursed ", Zbigniew Tucholsky in the biographical film" Anna German. Echo of love".

Meeting with favorite

In 2011, the list of projects in which the removed Konstantin Soloviev, there is the TV series "Foundry" (the role of Major Skvortsov, one of the special department of agents). Shooting took place in St. Petersburg, where Constantine meets his love - Anastasia Larina. She worked in the crew, so the relationship, first were only part of the work. Soon Constantine and Anastasia recognized each other in love. And after a long romantic relationship, Constantine does Anastasia offer, and in July 2014 love register their marriage.

The most popular works for the 2012-14 year: Alex in the film "The Best Movie 3D

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