Konstantin Parakonev

Picture of Konstantin Parakonev

Date of Birth: 09/08/1920

Age: 66

Place of birth: Elizavetgrad

Citizenship: Ukraine


He was not the darling of fortune. From the very beginning of life, this whimsical fairy returned back to him. Already later, being an adult and having tried intoxicating taste of recognition and fame, Konstantin I. wrote in his autobiography: Born September 8, 1920 in Elizavetgrad (now - Kirovograd, Ukraine). Surname - paracone. These data about himself entered the encyclopedia and reference books, they are perceived as official.

Few realize that they are written under severe pressure capricious fate. Properly presented here, only the date of birth. The rest - a noble and forced to lie: as dictated by fate, which repulsed the complex reality of life, which fell to survive peers Konstantin Iosifovich. He was born in fact in the village Vladimirovka of the Kirovograd region in the teacher`s family. However, in the field of prosveschenskoy paracone Joseph worked a short time, for unknown reasons, he took holy orders and became a priest (archpriest). I did not think, did not think then gentle sir, that soon there will be a shock, which will transform the life of the upside down: people came to power with a firm conviction of its ideological leader of that religion - it is the opium of the people. We picked up this indication - the thesis - and some Vladimirovskaya young men and women joining the Komsomol.

One of the first members of the Komsomol village Yefim Vasilenko left memories of the raging years. Among the many activities that take place rural Komsomol lectures on anti-religious theme. The fiery debates participated and Joseph paracone. He certainly thought not as young atheists.

Dispersed. Not the gods, and priests. Yes, and they recognized them as enemies of the people. Priest paracone in 1937 and repressed soslalina Solovki, where in the same year he was shot. But so he did not know the fate of his father Constantine I. until his death. Just to save his son from possible complications, the mother gave the small bones in the Zinoviev family. After graduating with honors from the school, the young man, whose name was replaced by paracone filed with the Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts. His "Popovski" origin had to hide.

After the institute Konstantin paracone asked to the stage of the theater of his native city, the walls of which were still hear the voices of the luminaries and the audience were those who saw the game Kropivnitskogo, Karpenko-Kary, Zankovetska. No sooner had the young actor to settle down in Kirovograd as Germans entered the city. Anticipating the occupation, the regional administration was carefully evacuated lists industrial, scientific and cultural institutions, even individuals. Theatre in stints this list, but with a limited number of employees. Recent graduates Parakoneva Theatre Institute it is not included. And it was necessary to live. Theatre occupants did not close, only controlled the repertoire. Paracone debuted in October 1942 in the role in the play Freebies Mark Kropivnitskogo "Wii". This role will be one of the leaders in the artistic activity of the great actor. To her, he did not come back again.


However, it was not just deploy a powerful talent of the artist. After the war, he did not openly persecuted: saved what not on their own paracone remained in the occupied territory. But never "collaboration" with the Germans did not forget. More young age I. Constantine proved himself as a talented director. He dreamed of directing, saw the individual works in his statement. But it is not to allow the console to director -nepremenno was a man who looked like a "who should be" of the occupation years. Especially paracone was not a member of the Communist Party, and what are you an actor or director, if not sozna