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Date of Birth: 04/20/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Rostov-on-Don

Citizenship: Russia

Konstantin Lavronenko: Being an actor

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The talent since childhood

Konstantin Lavronenko was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1961. His father worked in a factory, my mother - in local print shop. Parents-workers and did not anticipate that his son interested in acting. But once the boy, who was then 14 years old, I saw on TV speech Arkady Raikin and began to parody the eminent satirist. He accurately depicted the popular actor, that the bones of an older sister, was engaged in the drama group, suggested the boy also enter the leisure facilities. The first teacher was the future star Galina Zhigunova, the mother of another famous rostovchanina Sergei Zhigunov, who led the amateur theater at the House of Culture. And it was there that Constantine played his debut role.

Galina, being an experienced teacher, saw great potential novice artist. He was still at school, but with time it could grow a worthy servant of Melpomene. Perhaps promising young man worth hone skills in the province. However Zhigunova recommend guy just go to the capital and volunteered to be a guide. Kostya with mentor went to Moscow, the Shchukin School. Although thence teachers appreciated the creative details a young man, he had to return to the Don - in `Schuku` Constantine is not suitable povozrastu. But on a small home Lavronenko immediately took the second course of the Rostov school of arts at the acting department.

Start the path

After graduation, in 1979, a graduate of the actor was taken to the army. However, the study of military disciplines involved in youth long. Since ordinary Lavronenko sent to serve in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the North Caucasus region, almost all the time he spent on stage. The soldier appeared with musical numbers, and then was replaced by a retired entertainer. He did not use other people`s blanks for their whooping, and all the texts he wrote himself.

Two years later, back in the `grazhdanku`, Constantine was admitted to the Moscow Art Theater School, where he studied for four years. With the second theatrical form before the young man opened a lot of doors. Lavronenko chose `Satirikon`, theater, founded by a man with a parody of which actually began the artistic career of a future star. `Satirikonu` he gave seven years of his life, married to a colleague Lydia Petrakova, in 1990 they had a daughter Xenia. The `Satirikone` its director Vladimir Mirzoyev noted and called in` Lenkom`. On visiting the talented newcomer noticed artistic director Mark Zakharov theater and offered to stay.

Between the two chairs

Fortunately, Constantine did not have delatmuchitelny choice between the two scenes. He managed to combine work in `Satirikone` with service in the` Lenkome`. He even found time to Mirzoyev studio, where he participated in several productions. After the departure of director abroad, his company at full strength went to another director - Vladimir Klimenko. With the project `Workshop Klima` Lavronenko colleagues toured Europe. But one way and Konstantin Klimenko dispersed. Moreover, the brilliant actor decided to leave the theater and try his hand at other occupations, succeeding few sessions. He has worked as a marketer and a taxi driver, was engaged in the restaurant business, getting a solid income. Still, his calling was in another, and Lavronenko returned to the acting craft.

Star role

Constantine first appeared on the silver screen before you start looking at yourself unrelated to acting careers. The debut took place at a time when the young man was a student at Moscow Art Theatre School in 1984. The actor starred in the melodrama `more love, more nadeyus`. Partner of the future winner of the Silver branch of Cannes itself was Evgeny Evstigneev, which Lavronenko calls one of his teachers. Next appearance in the movie happened only eight years old when he played in the Russian-German `Andryusha` tape. After six years, the actor can be seen in the film by Sergei Ursulyak `Composition for pobedy` day. Subsequently, it is in this director Konstantin fulfill one of the best and well-known of their roles - the criminal Checa from the series `Likvidatsiya`. He appears in the television series `Isaeev` Ursulyak the same, in the image of Vasily Blucher.

As for the film, the high point for Lavronenko was working with a young director Andrei Zvyagintsev. In the early 2000s the director was looking for people for its full-length debut - drama `Vozvraschenie` - and Constantine noticed in one of the performances. Creation Zvyagintsev waiting a grand success. The tape has collected all relevant Russian cinema awards and received five awards at the Venice film festivals, and claimed the `Golden globus`. Subsequently Lavronenko once again to work with the project `Zvyagintsev Izgnanie`. The picture represented Russia in the 60th competition Cannes. And Constantine became the first and so far the only actor from Russia, received at the most prestigious film festival in the world award for Best Actor.

Just cast luggage Lavronenko about 40 films and teleroley. In 2016, Channel One shows a new series with Constantine starring `Klim`. Also scheduled several film projects with the participation of the bright and talented actor.

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