Konstantin Krukov

Picture of Konstantin Krukov

Date of Birth: 07/02/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Konstantin Kryukov was born February 7, 1985 in Moscow in the family of the actress Elena Sergeevna Bondarchuk (1962-2009) and Doctor of Philosophy Dmitrievich Vitaly Kryukov. Constantine is the grandson of the legendary Russian director and actor Sergei Bondarchuk and actress Irina Skobtseva. He spent his childhood in Switzerland. At the insistence of his grandfather he graduated with honors from the art school in Zurich. He went to school at the German embassy in Moscow, while the 10-11 class graduated as an external student.

In 2001, at age 16 he became one of the youngest graduates of the American Institute of Gemology (the GIA) (Moscow branch) and a graduate gemologist (in precious stones specialist). In the same year he entered the Moscow State Law Academy branch, from which he graduated in 2006. For several years he worked as a consultant in the Russian and foreign companies.

With 18 years of playing in the movies and starred in television projects. Acting debut in 2005, when Constantine appeared on the screens of the country as the Mona Lisa in the film 9th Company.

In 2009, together with the British company The Saplings Kryukov released his first jewelery collection called "Choice".

He is fond of painting (there is a private art studio in Prague), jewelry art, photography, swimming, loves to read.

He starred in his debut music video for the song "I love you, Kiev" singer "Pollen".

Awards and Titles

One of the main achievements Konstantin Kryukov said Order named Fpantsa Kafki for innovation in the arts, he was officially awarded in Prague. Winners of this award in different times were such prominent directors as Steven Spielberg and Milos Forman.

The Order is awarded for a series of paintings under the title "Thought Forms" that assessment the most reputable experts have no analogues in the world of painting, either in form or in content or technique.

According to the famous Czech painter Jan Gajda: "Paintings of this artist, which I consider the first genius of the XXI century, it is not realism, surrealism is not without ism and expressionism, not a cube, not a circle and not a square, even if it is black! It is not at all "isms." This is "The Matrix" in the Universe Painting. Artists in the history of mankind - the tens of thousands. Famous artists - hundreds. The most famous in the history of the canvas and brush - tens. But the real geniuses - unity! ".


Konstantin childhood fascinated by jewelry. The first ornament, Kryukov created in 17 years, was a gift to his mother - a ring having a unique foothold diamond. Since then, every year, Konstantin samostoyatelnorazrabatyvaet design ornaments for gifts for loved ones. In 2005, the design was made by the author for his wedding ring. Sketches of these rings form the basis for a series of jewelry. In 2007, Konstantin Kryukov began creating jewelry collections author. "Choice" In 2009, together with the British company The Saplings released his first jewelry collection called.


Grandfather - Sergei Bondarchuk (1920-1994)

grandmother - Irina Skobtseva

mother - actress Elena Bondarchuk (1962-2009)

father - Vitaly Dmitrievich Kryukov - businessman doktop philosophy gemologist

Aunt - film director Natalia Bondarchuk

Uncle - film director Fyodor Bondarchuk

Kryukov daughter Julia (b. September 7, 2007 [3]) from the ex-wife (married 24 February 2007 to November 6, 2008) Eugenia Hook (d. Warsaw) (b. 1983)

cousin Ivan Burlyaev