Konstantin Kornakov

Picture of Konstantin Kornakov

Date of Birth: 09/30/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia

The movie was a bright page. But, fortunately, not only

... When the tape shown in the sixth Moscow International Film Festival in 1969, a member of the jury of the famous children`s writer Gianni Rodari admitted that he had not seen a more severe and at the same time a good movie. A simple and, at first glance, totally unheroic plot without any pathos showed the horrors of the siege of Leningrad and Leningrad resistance on the example of two children. In 13-year-old Katie after another bombing is on the hands of someone else`s baby, who can barely speak and does not even remember his name. Orphan Girl takes full care of the toddler, calling him his brother Sergei. Children alone experiencing the most difficult winter of the siege. Spring brings the city a breath of relief ... and at this time the officer-soldier, with whom befriended a girl, working in the hospital, the boy suddenly recognizes his son, who was presumed dead under the bombing ... The film "Winter Morning" classics Soviet children`s cinema Nikolai Ivanovich Lebedev ( "Find me, Lenya!" "Wait for me, the island!", "In my death I ask blame Klava K." et al.), received on the festival of the golden prize.

Unfortunately, very few people remember today, and painting itself is forgotten. However, a little more familiar to today`s audience, too, from other web lenfilmovskoy classics - "My dear Papa," staged another famous Leningrad director Igor Usov. She, too, about the war, and at the front there is geographically further away from the hero - the story takes place in Baku - maybe, this is the tragic overtones. The Shadow War, it reaches for the troubles in the most remote towns and villages.

"Sergei," actually turned out to Dima-Mitya, Petya, whose "good dad", and did not return from the front and did not fulfill his dream of becoming a great musician, was Alexander Demyanenko, and several children`s roles in the late 60`s - early 70 `s, played a young Leningrad Kostya Kornakov. Cinema has become a bright page in his life, but for some reason it did not become his profession and that helped Constantine in his early years to survive the separation from the glory - he said specifically for the site.

movie Scent

Amazing coincidence, Constantine. Today, shortly before meeting with you in a courtyard on the Petrograd see: working group of filmmakers, laid the rails, trolley ride on them with the camera ...

- She`s very funny called "dolly". I was a child amuses this title. And the guys who ride the trolley, respectively, "real estate investors". But not those who cheated builders (laughs).

And I kept thinking: what kind of "interest holders" in the credits of films today? So about the shooting. To an outsider, does not happen on the set, and see the process - so to touch some magic, the other world. And through the years, you the impression of filming carried?

- If I`ll get back to the studio, it instantly remember the smell. Smell that with nothing can not be confused - the scenery, the film smokes ... And the second - a crazy, ragged pace of life. There is a need nature - whether or not the desired nature, everything is in place - or someone came, ill shoot - or all canceled for today ... This is the age of five. Today it is easy to understand if you get to Moscow. Shooting - they like the rhythm of the metropolis, and with its successes and failures, from tears to full happiness.

Magical ... In general, it is, of course, the magic, when you find yourself in the wardrobe or dressing room. And you see outfits that can only be found in a museum or in front of you, a child, a young man is transformed into an old man. Finally, it is also important the fact that you get on the "Lenfilm". Any studio - fairly closed institution, with access mode, and then you have the opportunity to see what is removed next. And there might be removed anything - until "Hamlet." And, putting his nose into the slot in the adjacent pavilion, you can gain a lot of interesting things.

When you`re "on the other side of the screen," it may well be feeling that you are out of the "caste elite".

- Then to the "House-2", thank God, not reached. Now the "star disease" people are exposed, probably to a greater extent than before. I have not had that feeling ever. Especially in schools, despite the loyalty of my absences, still not satisfied me most favored, and classmates, fortunately, were unenvious. I played football and hockey on an equal basis with everyone else. And the fights are not avoided.

Five-Year pacifist and "opponent" Ozerov

So let`s start writing your cinematic biography. How did you get to the cinema?

- Now it`s called "casting", used to be called competition. In the studio he led me dad - he`s still alive, and God forbid his health. We arrived from the south, and whether on the radio, or in the newspaper he read an announcement that recruit children in the film about the siege. And as a father I veteran, defender of the city, Blokadnik, he wondered, and he dragged me to the "Lenfilm". There was a contest of three rounds. The third selected just two children. And then there is a problem. Against my work that I was quite chubby fellow, rather, my head was healthy - I still caps the 60 th the size of a burden, and as involved mostly close-up in the movie, the person, for the siege of the boy my view is not very "prokatyval". The boy had to be emaciated.

The upshot was that the director Nikolai Lebedev - blessed memory - apparently persuaded himself and everyone around that everything is believable just a child could be edema or until recently were well fed, because he lived in a wealthy family. As a result, the role of adopted me. It was 1965, I was then almost five years. Approve some approved, but the result is then torment. I`m a star in the middle of shooting refused.

? !!

- And I`ve got five years was anti-war position. When I proznal the film War that there shooting, then returned home in the evening from the shooting, said: "Tomorrow is not going anywhere! I do not like this!". No arrangements have not helped. The next day for me, as always, came to a happy Uncle Tolia - assistant director on the actors, a good guy who took me to the studio and generally spoiled all the time with some gifts, and he say from the doorway: "He will not go, it all has bothered sorry, can not do anything with it ... ".Bedny uncle Tolia did not know what to do, because the day of shooting, the whole group is waiting. Pougovarivat me, he finally said, "Okay, do not go to the studio, just go ride." We sat in the "moskvichok" and go ... and when I realized that, circled in Leningrad, I was brought back to "Lenfilm" I threw a tantrum director. Lebedev, a long time talking to me. It is now difficult to remember how he tried to persuade me, saying something about the "fun" about the need ... Would recorder - I`d recorded everything. Because the ability to convince the child - is a high quality.

Frankly, Constantine, when you said about otkazsnimatsya, I thought that you would call another reason. The fact that, according to the story, your character Mitya must Sergei in a scene, I`m sorry, on the pot to sit down at the girl ...

- Oh, it was a different story when I refused to do it. For me it was really a disaster. The crew long approach to this issue, knowing that I have my principles, and again throw something. But, in general, such as a result, they persuaded me. Although now, I know how badly they have a headache!

Another was a difficult moment in the final scene of the film actor Nikolai Timofeev, having learned through family patter "Mitya-Mitry-Dmitry cunning" his Son in me, shouting to me: "How do you know ?!". The dramatic scene is clear. But I can see it through the eyes of a child: someone else`s uncle, with whom we have for the filming, however, have developed a good relationship, suddenly starts yelling at me ... I remember, I burst into tears, and the double retake a dozen times. Timofeev did not know what and how to do it, so that the audience realized that the father shocked, and his son was not afraid.

What do you remember the work of director Nikolai Lebedev with so little actor - five years?

- I took him for a grandfather. He knew how to enthrall me. I remember that we have with him was a game he wondered what the capital in such a state, I had to answer correctly, and if you do not know, he prompted. As a result, I have five years knew a bunch of countries and their capitals. In the film, the replicas in my hero is very small. Basically, it is silent, and it is in this silence and close-director just caught the mood that was required. He will say: "Lie down and suck the sugar." You lie and suck. "Think about something." You lie, you think. And you at that time removed. Close-up is obtained simply amazing. Or talk to the director about something, he said: "That`s just say, in the words now!". Okay, so to say. For a child`s simple, and as a result of the talented directing turned tense film where the room with the first replica begins to love this baby.

In my opinion, your role without words made even better than that of your young partner Tanya Soldatenkova.

- It`s not me, it`s all for Lebedev. And the role of Tanya was my heavier. It`s me, young slacker, lying in a fur coat, sweating under the lights in a scene, and she was something fragile little girl, I have to carry, but the stairs, but do not drop, teach the text, go to school in the winter to go to the shooting on the train from Tosno where she lived ... not find it. With it, Lebedev was busy, put the speech and dialogue, held the stage. With me, except for the moments when I was totally in denial, there were no particular problems. Even the voice of myself.

In "Winter Morning" many kinds of besieged Leningrad, not chronicle. Naberezhnye snowdrifts in which preferred to trolleybuses, destroyed houses ... Where are all these decorations were built in the 65th year, when things still could not just go and draw on your PC?

- Yes, now draw. And we will see what is drawn and you will not have shivers when you look at this picture and think, oh, I`m here in the last car passed ... And when you watch the movie `60s with such scenery, it dwells in horror: where filming ?! There, in my opinion, for a month overlaps the whole area of ??the city where it was filled up, it filled up and drove the old technology. The sensation during filming fantastic: only that you were in the modern city, you brought somewhere - and if you got into another dimension. Only now, unfortunately, I can not find a place where there was a ruined house in which he lived, and my character in which bewildered wandered through the snow-covered roof of the apartment without his father, who came from the front ...

Incidentally, the present, 2010, the snowy winter and how it coped with the city authorities, some blockade recalled the war years. My father, when he saw on television tanned governor, spoke: "Well, Matvienko, gave us memories of the blockade!". This winter it was possible to make a film about that time again (laughs).

It is true that "Winter Morning" in his time was a great success?

- Yes, as I recall, is not small. I do not know how many times we went to the meeting with the audience. Then the picture went to Germany (east course), where it is shown including there the army (probably as a textbook: they say that your father worked in Russia). The film also received some prize.

"Winter Morning" is still remembered. When I was a few years ago began looking for him - I started calling people to say that this movie he remembered from his childhood. As a result, they helped me find it. And last year, me, my father and one of the authors of the film, the famous Leningrad writer Michael Kuraeva called the show "blockade" ribbons for veterans.

"Winter Morning" is always shown on TV in the winter - as long as 70 years have not removed the "blockade" on Chakovsky. This large-scale painting and MNOGOseriynoye our "non-political" film to a wider audience as a sort of "raised the". But for me, "Winter Morning" left its mark on almost all of the following films.

In what sense?

- Starring in "siege" of the film, I got to the studio index card. The next picture was "Blow, blow another!". It is now generally for some reason do not show, which is a pity. Excellent, with the emotional charge of the film with famous artists: Alexey Smirnov, Viktor Korshunov, Tolubeev, still young Valentin Smirnitskiy (one of the first roles of the All-Russian "Porthos"). A film about football, and it has a retrospective piece: the blockade again, the famous siege of the football match, head coach recalls how the boy found in the ruins, and again Poteryashka blockade - it`s me. My hero - a hero Smirnitskiy (in the film - Tamantsev, superforvarda Leningrad "Dawn" command) in childhood.

Then - "Chronicle of a dive bomber," where there are my cameo. And it`s war again. Then there were the tiny pieces in the "Virin" in "King Lear", "bracelet-2" ... All this could not remember, because it is similar to the anecdote: "We saw the stroller in" Battleship "Potemkin"? So it was me! ". My getting to be explained: child needs a tiny role, watching the card index, "there`s a certain, was filmed, she knew what to do on the court, not afraid of the light - we take."

What a role in "King Lear"?

- I was the son of a nobleman in the crowd. But for them, the adults, extras. And for me, boys, it`s a wonderful, exciting world of knights, smelling of leather boots, the clash of swords and chain mail. I did not know what a director in front of me. My grandmother, who always used to take me to the survey, said: "This is a great Kozintsev, try to get an autograph from him." He signed. This autograph on a small calendar until now I have kept.

... There were some episodes in various scenes. And then Victor Sadovsky - the one that put the "Blow, blow another!" And "Eleven hopes" - has started another sports movie, "The course of the white queen" and again took me. There, too, there is a piece, correlated with the blockade, but is no longer mine, and Kirill Lavrov. And I, in fact, the main role of the children. Incidentally, my adoptive grandfather of the film was Anatoly Papanov. Generally, in the "Queen" was terrific, "star" set of actors - Smirnov, Evstigneev, Kuravlev, Victoria Fedorova, Kozhevnikov. It was taken there and the famous Nikolai Ozerov, with whom I in between filming themselves hoarse arguing, because I loved hockey, and he urged me to go to the tennis, which is then in the USSR was not widely popular. "Hockey - it`s a game for men, you do yourself a hockey commentator!" - I argued him. "You never know what the commentator, I am also a tennis player," - he replied.

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