Konrad Henlein

Picture of Konrad Henlein

Date of Birth: 06/05/1898

Age: 47

Place of birth: Maffersdorf

Citizenship: Germany


Born on May 6, 1898 in Maffersdorfe (now vratislavice) in Bohemia, the son of a German and Gym shoes. There was a bank clerk, then a teacher of gymnastics. In 1931 headed the German gymnastic association in Czechoslovakia. October 1, 1933 Henlein established a small political party - the German Patriotic Front - which demanded the Sudetenland autonomy within the framework of the Czechoslovak state. Henlein offered to form a federal state like the Swiss cantons of the system that gave independence to ethnic minorities, while not undermining national unity. However, the party is organized on the principle of Henlein was fyurerstva. In October 1934 it held its first rally in which 20 thousand. People attended. In 1935, already gathered a significant number of supporters, the German Patriotic Front changed its name and became the Sudeten German Party (SDP). Since 1936 the Social Democratic Party has functioned as a "fifth column" in Czechoslovakia, receiving strong financial support through "Hauptamt Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle". For example, back in 1933 the party newspaper Henlein received 120 thousand CZK from Germany to pay sdolgami. In the same year Rudolf Hess granted a one-time grant of $ 8 million. CZK. Henlein himself received 12 thousand. Reichsmarks per month. Supporters Henlein, temporarily hiding under the guise of "Shport Abtaylung" (the first letters coincided with the abbreviation CA), does launched a campaign for independence for the Sudeten Germans.

In the elections of 1935 the Social Democratic Party won 44 mandates, or 60% of the seats from the German-speaking population of Czechoslovakia. March 28, 1938, Hitler assured Henlein: "I will support you tomorrow you will become my vicegerent (Sie sind auch morgen mein Statthalter).". A month Henlein advanced 8 t. N. "Carlsbad requirements" actually demanding full autonomy for the Sudeten Germans. In May, he traveled to London, where he solemnly assured that never received orders or recommendations from Berlin. After the Munich Agreement of 1938 was appointed Reich Commissioner Henlein Sudetenland. May 1, 1939 he became Gauleiter and reyhsshtathalterom and led civil administration in Czechoslovakia.

In May 1945 he was captured by the US 7th Army, and committed suicide in the camp for displaced people 10 May 1945.