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Author: Anna Fedin

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question: What do you remember most strongly on the set of "liquidation"?

-response: When we flew to Moscow and the plane has landed, but still rolled on the ground, we lit up the turbine. I was frightened, closed the window and decided that I would not go there to watch. The fire then extinguished and he went himself, but since then I have to go shooting on the train.

Q: How did you get the first time in a movie?

-o: I was studying in the first grade. During the break we went with the kids for lunch, I made faces, furious, and I was stopped by a woman - she was on the actors agent - asked if I would like to act in films. I said that, in general, not against it. She picked up my home phone, called her parents, and I was invited to a small part of dancing boy. And then, when I came to the site and spoke with the director, he said that I can play the main character. It was a short film about the ancient Russia.

Q: Are you nervous on his first day of shooting?

-o: Very. I do not even remember what I was doing. It is no longer worried. Just I come and do what he says.

in: If the director asks to cry - can?

-o: I`ll think of something sad. But now I know: it is necessary to rub the mint under the eyes, then tears will flow for yourself.

Q: And what a very difficult directors you ever been asked?

-o: I recently ate at the shooting ground. Not real, of course, but still it was sickening. In general, during the shooting of the most difficult to learn words. For example, in the "liquidation" there is a scene where I have to say "marshal`s watch." I could not pronounce it. Uncle Volodya (Mashkov -. "The News") and Misha (Porechenkov -. "The News") waited-waited for my turn, then Uncle Volodya could not resist, he took me into a corner and began to say "marshal, marshal with me, marshal. " But when filming, he sat and quietly tells me that I have not forgotten a word. Mom and Dad to me too often prompt text. Especially a lot of difficult words was filming "The three areas with Coronati" which we filmed this summer in Sevastopol. There`s my hero scenario oche Hb knows about boats. And I could not remember all the "jib", "trysail `" grotto "," mooring line "...

in: Your MishkaKaras not the most well-mannered boy. Words naughty swearing ...

-o: the word that I speak in the film, literary! It is possible to speak.

Q: Which scene in the "liquidation" do you like the most?

-o: The one where my Uncle Volodya throws a pebble at the window, I go out, and we talked to him. It was fun. Night. There is no one, only the two of us. And there were a lot of text. I so rarely is. Still it was interesting when we were shooting the scene over a cliff. Then he began firing, threw me into a car and taken away.

Q: What did you do in your spare time shooting?

-o: I swim in the sea. It even bothered me. The Dolphinarium walked. We have a running acquaintance aunt, so I was allowed to swim with a dolphin. His name, too, Nick. When I got into the pool, he shook and all swam up to me.

Q: What are you wasting your fees?

-o: He`s a mom and dad. I still do not give money. But the bike and bought a mobile phone. True, not the coolest.

Q: What are you keen besides movies?

-o: Before doing karate. But now the time is not enough. So I with my friends in the yard run or play on the computer. When the pope was not at home, but it does not allow a long time to sit at the computer. I used to be a vision bad, I even wore glasses. Then fix it: one boy hit my head against the wall. Concussion was, but now I see normally. I also do beadwork.

in: You are released from school safely to the shooting?

-o: Well, yes, they also understand that I`m doing. And then I rarely filming in the middle of a quarter, more often on vacation.

in: Friends envy you?

-Oh no. Just ask how I`m doing. After the "Italian", for example, asked if it hurt his hand cut, and I explained that it`s not real. What blood drawn. Then I really wanted to be make-up artist, too, the blood draw. And then he changed his mind. I will be after school in a theatrical act. I wish to put forth this fall. You know, you have a special place at the Rostral column rub, then wish will be granted. Almost turned: I`m acting again. And it seems that this time my character still to be real parents.