Klavdiya Korshunova

Picture of Klavdiya Korshunova

Date of Birth: 08/06/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The actress in the fourth generation

Claudia Korshunova - actress in the fourth generation. Her great-grandmother Claudia Elanskaya -znamenitaya actress of the Moscow Art Theater. Grandmother - Catherine Ilinichna Elanskaya - director of the theater "Sphere". Grandfather, Viktor Korshunov, - the actor of the Maly Theatre (since 1995 - its director), starred in the films "On Thin Ice", "Corps General Shubnikov", etc. Also in the Maly Theater works and the father of Claudia, People`s Artist Alexander. Korshunov, known for the films "can not say" Goodbye "," double overtake ", and others.

With such roots, it would be surprising, therefore choose another profession Claudia. In 2004, she graduated from the Higher Theatre School named after MS Shchepkin, where she studied in the course of his grandfather VI Korshunova. Already during his studies Claudia showed extraordinary acting skills. Her first role on stage were "inputs", in which she replaced other actresses: Lisa "Deeps" (Little Theatre) iDasha Shatov in "Possessed" by Andrzej Wajda ( "Contemporary"). The graduation performances Claudia Korshunova reprized the role of Katherine in "The Storm" AN Ostrovsky, Irina in "Three Sisters" AP Chekhov, Lyuska in "Boege" MA Bulgakov.

After graduation Claudius was admitted to the troupe of "Sovremennik" Theatre. And the first of her role was a resounding success. In the play "The True Story of M.Gote nicknamed" The Lady of the Camellias "is surprisingly accurately depict Marguerite Gautier -rokovuyu beautiful, drooping in the stifling atmosphere of Paris mid last century.

The debut in the movie

We do not have to wait and successes in the cinema. In 2005 Aspiring actress brilliantly played the role of Natasha, daughter of Colonel in the film Andrei Lukin Proshkina "Soldier`s Decameron."

Among the last works of Claudia Korshunova: Rita Nikolai Khomeriki fiction drama "977" and Irma in the crime picture Sergei Matsa "Ostrog. Feodor Sechenov Case "