Klaus Kinski

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Date of Birth: 10/18/1926

Age: 65

Place of birth: Tsoppot

Citizenship: Germany


He did not expect anything else from the American doctors. At least it was prescribed pills good, thank you and on this one. Once Klaus enough to sleep only three or four hours a day, but that was long ago. Now he wanted to sleep all day long. Maybe because he had aged. Perhaps because of this watch in a warm, noisy, joyful and sunny California it was just disgusting. Tablets could not stop the pain, but at least helped to disconnect. And Klaus and could not understand - whether he is asleep, or waking dreams.

He dreams of gardens ... In the pre-war Berlin, many gardens and small Claus knows every one of them - where you can have stolen apples. The only danger is the dog - owners prefer to keep their huge gardens Shepherds or Rottweilers, and that "security" is worth nothing bite his frail, slender neck. If the dog sees you, run it makes no sense. Klaus knows it well - perhaps he heard behind him an angry growl deaf boy turns around and begins to bear some nonsense. No matter what, the main thing - that the voice was thin and plaintive. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, to arouse sympathy skunk, Klaus has to cry - he howls so desperately and earnestly, tears these streams flow through his grubby cheeks that dogs feel uneasy. And licked the little thief warm rough tongue, brute cleaned away.

Apples from another`s garden - not a bad dinner. In the family, anyone and would never reproach Klaus that he is somewhere stolen. Because everything has to steal. Father steal clothes in shops, he and his brother and sister - the food in grocery stores. My father always work and no money. Klaus often hears evenings at him shouting mother: "Why, of all men in the world I chose you We move from one hole to another filthy and live like pigs How much can you?.?" On the mother`s accusations father he never answered a word. All day he sits at home or being in the streets. At night, to make the children of the single beds in the house, he often goes to sleep in the corridor. And never spends the pfennig or even beer.

Father shaves his head bald, and street urchins Repka has drawn his name. Walking along the street, for some reason he always bows to small children - one day he told Klaus that was an opera singer and acquired the habit of bowing after a tour in Japan. He often stands in front of a mirror and grimaces, as if the actor Kabuki theater. Klaus furtively watching him, and from his father`s grimaces it becomes something scary, something funny. Sometimes, waking up at night to the toilet, Claus hears his father crying.

My father always tries to look perfect, but all his clothes - this is what is put on it. father`s coat so decrepit that Klaus seems - even a second, and it just falls apart on the skin. Therefore, the father tries as little as possible to sit down, bend over, lift the arm or bend his legs. It seems that he does not go, and floats through the air - gently lifts the foot and just quietly puts them, taking care that no one heard a slap detached, half-rotten soles of his shoes.

Worst of all, when it rains or snows. The hosts clean stalls from the streets, and to steal something much more difficult inside the store. Children have to sit all day long in a room on the cold floor - no toys, no food, no warm clothes. Mother terribly worried about the children and all the while arguing with his father. Klaus, it seems the most beautiful in the world. She is kind and always smiling coyly, covering her mouth with his hands, so as not to show their rotting teeth. Brother Klaus Arne has asthma. He needs medication, and the father of stealing them from pharmacies. This is some kind of yellow powder, which gives Arne mother several times a day. The other children are jealous of his brother - he at least something to eat. All dream of a pinch of this wonderful powder, and the mother has to hide it.

In the house where they rent a room, the stench crazy. Akim`s brother once told Klaus that the owner hid the corpse of his mother under the floor, so as not to spend money for the funeral. In a room full of cockroaches and mosquitoes. When cockroaches grow to the size of a small bug, so cool and singeing their catch on fire. However, this is less of them becomes.

The room has no bathroom. It is necessary to wash under the tap in the kitchen or at the street column. In the winter of the crane sticking out big icicle - it breaks down and melt. A toilet is a hole in the floor, covered with a lid. If you lift the lid, the smell of sewage begins to feel dizzy. Therefore, most children run to the toilet on the street.

For the mother Klaus stealing food, clothes, lipstick, for the father - ties, suspenders and belts for Akim and Arne - soccer ball for Inge - beautiful rag doll. Sometimes he manages to get some work. Klaus delivers coal, cleans shoes (five pfennig per pair), collects cigarette butts in the streets to tobacco left in them to twist cigarettes and sell unemployed. Kata stroller with disabilities when they want to get some air in the park. Once under the Christmas tree Claus managed to sneak. But it had nothing to decorate, and to the New Year, she stood in the corner of the room, like a punished child ...

... He dreams of a girl - the one with which he was for the first time. However, nothing has happened. He awkwardly kissed her, sat on the steps and long tossed and groaned around, if inexperienced puppy. Klaus then was seven, the girl - it is not known how many, she was thin as a skeleton, docile, slow and half an hour of unsuccessful attempts to become the Claus man did not say a single word.

... Now he is thirteen, he does not miss any girl look. Thick and thin, beautiful and not very clean, dirty-faced, wearing only stockings, or in rags - all he wants.

On the first floor, where the apartment the family Kinski, live red scavenger wife - a woman with a deep frown on his face still young. Her eyes as if all the time waiting for something. She was always at home - no one saw it in the store or in the park. Neighbors say, that she had tuberculosis, but Klaus seems that she just can not get up off the couch, because weakened by constant lovemaking. To visit her, he said, goes half of Berlin, and Klaus - is no exception. Poor garbage man! ..

..Emu Dream of war. In Berlin rained bombs and Klaus comes agenda. At the front of the street he meets his friend - is now much more fun to fight. A friend came up with a special game: who would keep longer in a hand grenade with the linch pin pulled out, the steep. If the raid enemy fighters, then you can get away with laughter from the machine-gun bursts, winding through the bush. And then, prispuskaya pants show after departing the enemies of his bare ass.

Buddy still shot - Klaus is now no one to play. Their squad wade through the woods. The houses are abandoned by farmers, Klaus finds children`s shirts, women`s underpants, and in this form is attached to his unit. There again, there is nothing - only some smelly wood mushrooms. From these delicacies he begins a wild diarrhea, vomiting and hallucinations. A few days Klaus can not move. He finally left behind from his unit and completely exhausted. In the woods he meets a cow, the same thin and feeble. Klaus is not going to kill the cow. He had a long and gently persuades her not to kick and be a good girl - Klaus just also it is necessary that a small piece of meat with her feet. But a cow, apparently, did not want to go into its position. After a long unsuccessful struggle Claus in desperation, bites his teeth into her loin part. The animal is horrified, and with a loud "moo-oo-oo !!!" spewing through the anus remains of his breakfast - right in the face Klaus.

He wanders the forest - hungry, without a compass, in the women`s underpants on top form. Soon he found her and sentenced to death for desertion. The soldier, tasked to protect the youth, these drawers seem to cause very conflicting feelings. It looks strange Klaus and begins to unbutton his pants - for which he immediately received a foot in the face. Klaus again manages to escape, and soon he stops the English patrol.

In the prison camp`s cold, people sleep on the floor as close to each other that the turn over is impossible. There are allowed only sauerkraut - the hands of the iron cans. Klaus did not know that in the world there are so many of sauerkraut. Where you can meet people who saunter out of the barracks in the barracks and loud, with feeling recite passages from Schiller or chapters of the Bible - and a moment later they were ready to strangle his neighbor for an extra handful of smelly cabbage. Dirty wooden toilets - something like the local centers of cultural life. It discusses the possible escapes, weave, are exchange and trade.

In Germany, Klaus comes in blue jeans, a sleeveless shirt, with the US military backpack, a pair of shoes, two pieces of soap "Lux", a jar of tobacco and seven marks in his pocket ...

... He dreams theater. He held his first audition - somewhere on the way to Berlin, in a small, crooked Tyubungene town. When on stage Claus reads a line from "Wilhelm Telya": "In my eyes, you say in your eyes ...?" - He sees a mother`s eyes. On the eve of Klaus received a telegram from Berlin from his brother Arne, "Mom died do not know anything about the other Access point". Tears prevented him from continuing. Somehow Klaus monologue ends and runs away from the theater. The secretary is catching up with him, he said that he was offered a contract and gives an advance of 50 brands.

With a wandering theater company he finally arrived in the capital. Arne tells him how her mother had died - a sniper`s bullet hit her in the stomach, the mother bleeding in the mud, was finishing a cigarette and whispered that cares about children.

Claus willingly take in any theater - and thrown out everywhere almost immediately. To hold on to the first day did not stick to his wife or to the Director of the young mistress of the director, just above its forces. Artwork is not, we have to beg for the farmers potatoes and turnips, which they give to their pigs. Farmers, however, are not fools - in exchange for the food they require gold. At the same time, Klaus discovers that contracted gonorrhea - God knows from whom. Gonorrhea is not terrible disease.

He attends acting school. The school is easy to steal the book and take the girls. Books are useful, girls - young and good-looking. Elder - sixteen, she inveterate slut ill with syphilis, but seems to have recovered. The youngest - thirteen. Claus is coming to her home to rehearse the next passage and elegantly deprive innocence right under the nose of the mother. The rest of the acting school does not cause him nothing but nausea. Bullshit, carried thence teachers, able to inspire unless a complete idiot and mediocrity. How can you teach someone to become an actor ?! Klaus can learn around himself.

Klaus Kinski photo2

Jean Cocteau offers him a role in "typist", and in the course of the play is to portray Klaus seizure. Kinski had never seen anything like it, Cocteau, too. Klaus convinces the head physician of the local hospital to tell him about epilepsy. Tom scared once: "There will now be at the bottom to do electroshock one young Fraulein raped her friend, and then she was a little crazy ... Go look - shock therapy and epilepsy looks very similar ...." During an attack scene in " typist "Kinski wheezing, pounding his head on the floor, out of his open mouth gushing foam - some spectators ran out of the room, with some woman might faint.

After the premiere of "Ghosts" by Ibsen comes to him success. Criticism writes that no one can depict a scene of madness the hero as Kinski. Klaus is really a great game - before the premiere the director told him cocaine and Kinski seems that on the stage it can move mountains. He has taken the first interview. A young journalist finds his apartment and leaves it only after sixteen hours - when there was nothing, then whatever they tried.

Before the premiere of "human voice" Cocteau Kinski ill with jaundice. The doctor insists on bed rest, but that they understand these doctors? A couple of days ago, he became acquainted with two charming girlfriends. As soon as the doctor goes beyond the threshold, Klaus goes to visit them - yellow as a canary, and totally exhausted, he plops down in the dirt next to the front porch of their home. The frightened girl call for a doctor. Dr. Milena Bozenberg beautiful eyes, cool hands and soft skin. "Frau This probably will not be easy to drag to bed", - thinks Claus and loses consciousness.

After the hospital, he lives with Milena. Sleeping with her, and her sister, eye doctor. My sister has a young daughter, Vera, with her sleeping Claus too. Each of the women thinks she is the one and only for him. When the truth is found by accident, a terrible scandal erupts ...

..Emu Dream France. Claus arrives in Paris after a successful European tour with the play "Idiot" in which he played Prince Myshkin. He was three sheets quarreled with the company and I am confident that in Paris it costs nothing to get a profitable engagement. But German actor no one needs in France. Money runs out quickly, Klaus forced to sleep under the bridges of the Seine. He wants to enlist as a sailor in Japan or Australia (in the Venetian premiere of "Idiot," he was invited to go on tour), but in the Parisian employment agencies complete their seamen unemployed, and those scowling advise unfortunate Fritz fell here in good time. Klaus is arranged in the dock, his meager salary it spends on local prostitutes. Through their daily runs a bunch of sailors of all colors and shades, and the ladies terribly afraid to pick up any infection overseas. However, Klaus tries to persuade them to sleep with him without those stupid rubber bands - they need to feel the love. Once one of the prostitutes said in his farewell: "You`ve got a mouth like a whore." It seems that Klaus knows what she has in mind.

It feeds on scraps and live in utter poverty. Besides his sore throat, and run up it strongly hurts. It can not swallow and breathe - and it is difficult. Dockers apply it to the neck of the hot stones, but it does not help. Having started his cap in a circle, the workers collected money for a doctor. On the way to the hospital the pain becomes unbearable, Klaus can not breathe, float before the eyes of colorful circles. The last effort, he pulls out a folding knife and plunges it into his throat. An abscess bursts, and spits it into the mud half a liter of pus. The pain almost immediately let go. Klaus convinced that his illness was some foreshadowing. Almost running, he returns to port and buys a ticket to Munich ...

Klaus Kinski with Biggie and daughter Nastassja

He dreams ... Biggie. She was seventeen, they met when Klaus went to a nearby store to buy gloves. Biggie - graceful blonde with kitten looks and temperament of a tigress. She is very modest, economic and Klaus grateful for everything that gets him. Each obnosok he buys it on the market, look at Biggie as a masterpiece of the art of tailoring. Klaus goes to tour in Germany. Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg - Biggie always there. It sits quietly in the audience, and every time he comes into the dressing room to help change. She puts up with all the excesses in life Claus tolerate his bad habits. Her love seems immortal. Revenues Kinski soaring, now he can afford anything, but Biggie`s still nothing requests. In the ninth month of her pregnancy they have an accident. Despite numerous injuries the mother, the child is born safely. It`s a girl, also very pretty. Klaus decides to call it Nastasya - was the name of a young woman who goes by Prince Myshkin mind in "The Idiot."

Their villa in Grunewald. Seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge garden with a sandpit for Nastasya. Klaus devastated all the surrounding shops - toys for her daughter, furs and jewelry for his wife. They dine at expensive restaurants, play tennis, ride horses ... And the invisible demon, small and nimble, which was dozing off on the shoulder of Kinsky, has again pulls it with his tiny paws. Klaus wakes up - and again begins to prowl in search of adventure. Biggie suspects her husband of infidelity - it would not be so ashamed. But she, as always, nothing says. Klaus is still in love with her, as if for the very first day of the meeting - a life in which there is only one woman, it kills.

Klaus catching up with redoubled force. In Biggie, who became pregnant a second time, suddenly it happens miscarriage.

Vienna, Prague, America, Hong Kong - he rarely calls and even more rarely appears at home. When Biggie calls on the shooting itself, or Klaus is not in place, or it is in a hurry to hang up the phone, referring to employment. Once Biggie said to him on the phone that only Nastasya keeps her from suicide. But Klaus insists that he still loves his wife and daughter, and asks about one thing - that they are a bit lived separately (he just started a stormy affair with the elite prostitute by the name of Beatrice).

During the filming of the next western horse in Cinecitta, where he is rushing at full speed, he falls on his back and presses it with all his weight. Klaus whole blood, it can not move. At the hospital he was being X-rays - fracture of the spine, but, fortunately, the spinal cord does not hurt. Klaus hurt to move, and just scary to look at himself, his genitals are solid red and blue mess. Biggie is on duty at his bedside. After two weeks in the hospital he gradually returns to normal.

He Biggie and Nastassja fly to shoot in Hong Kong. Klaus up to what - after a long abstinence all his thoughts are only of Chinese prostitutes. Waiting is unbearable, and Klaus did not do anything but retire for two hours in a closet with a pretty flight attendant, a Chinese woman. Biggie choking with rage. She weighed him at all a resounding slap, and their marriage was finally flying to the devil. On his return from Hong Kong Biggie declares that it intends to divorce: "All this shit is over the fact that you sleep with their own daughter ..."

Klaus Kinski with Mincha and son Nanhoem

... He dreams NANC. When he was born, Klaus was close. It is present at birth and did not feel fear - he had seen his son committed to him.

Mother Nanhoya, his last wife, Klaus met on the set. Young Vietnamese named Minh - Klaus fell in love with her at once and to unconsciousness. So he fell in love almost every woman who met him for life, but Minho vsepoluchaetsya differently. Day by day it is increasingly fascinating mysterious beauty of its eastern face. Eyes Minho some aggressive and at the same time plaintive, as if a wounded deer.

Klaus does not want to let go of her for a minute. Forced to move in with yourself and not even allowed to go to Paris for things. If she will need gloves - he would buy 20 pairs of new shoes need - they will go to the store and take a dozen pairs. Initially Minh thrilled by the luxury and generosity. And Klaus is going farther and can not stay in his infinite love. Minho should not answer the phone, Klaus throws the letters she receives from friends, and to burn in the fireplace makes it a notebook - For no apparent reason, he begins furiously jealous. Almost every day he nazvanivaet in Munich and asks Biggie divorce. The wife does not mind, but Klaus did not seem to hear her words, says long passionate monologues that he will not return, that now all life for him - this is Minho. At such moments, Biggie seems that Kinski finally gone mad ...

Their wedding ceremony with Minho held on May 2 in the Roman Capitol. Klaus bit nervous. As soon as the priest turns to him with a long routine question: "Are you willing to start ..." - Kinski immediately interrupts his sharp laugh: "And what do you think we came here?" After a formal dinner in the most expensive Roman restaurant "Dzhorzhs" Klaus has all the dishes on the table, and immediately cover the damage. A few days ago, he sold his house, "Rolls-Royce", and fired servants. Klaus seems that now he finally broke with its past.

Minho and NANC

He is so passionate about his love for his wife and newborn son, he could not hear as increasingly Minho keeps saying to him: "You`re doing too much." Sometimes the behavior of her husband frankly scares Minh - as if it is given personally to see the passion burning inside Claus, tearing his soul to pieces. She says that if Klaus does not change, it will lose all the loved ones.

Critics excitedly touted his paintings, media begs to be interviewed, but Klaus is almost always refuses. It makes an exception only for the pretty young journalists - and, of course, not for an interview. No matter what they ask and write that. None of these cute damn idiots not understand anything in the movie. They do not even suspect that the last time, he refused to appear in Fellini, Visconti, Arthur Penn, Claude Lelouch ... Klaus plays only for the money and accepts only those offers which pay more. He was fed up with these clever and snobs - what a difference a good movie or bad, smart or stupid director? Money - is the freedom they provide an opportunity to get rid of slavery, to buy his son the most expensive gifts, to be with his family as often as possible, to have as many whores as you want.

When NANC asleep, Klaus often comes to his bed - to make sure that everything is in order. As it is well sheltered. What in the room is warm enough or, conversely, cool. Wife yet insistently repeats that they have to move with her son ... During the next filming some lawyer with a person is a moron Claus in Tel Aviv brothel and gives him a stack of papers - Minho start divorce proceedings.

Without Nanhoya lives in his house on the Avenue Foch Klaus seems terrible - worse than all the bad things that ever happened in his life. It is worth it to pick up a pretty girl or start reading an interesting scenario, as immediately want to drop everything and run to his son. When Minho reason not to bring the baby to him, he goes to the house where they rent an apartment. Hiding in the bushes, peeping at Nanhoem playing in the sandbox. It should be at the door, listening to the sounds of children`s steps. Klaus and can not understand why they do not want him to live with them. It is worth it if only for half an hour stay in Minho, as there is a quarrel breaks out between them. Klaus seems that she still loves him. Minh did not think so. She insists that he always decides everything for her, from that kind of love can suffocate. And again he repeats: "You`re doing too much." He does not care what she says, to be with his son, he is willing to endure any humiliation. His obedience infuriates Minh even more - the more he gives, the more they quarrel.

They are bred only the second time - Klaus so plaintively asked the judge not to take away from his child, that he was taken aback at first. He is allowed to see his son, Minh do not mind, but now she did not even let him on the threshold of his apartment.

Nastia Kinski

For the filming of "Nosferatu", which take place in Holland, Kinski for the first time has to shave his head bald - just as his father did. Next, in northern France, Roman Polanski shoots Nastassia him in the film "Tess". Nastya, indeed, is great, but warm meeting fails - Klaus can not drive away the thought of her son, who flew to Mexico with his mother. Daughter probably feels that he is somewhere far away. It has become quite an adult, kept calm and cool, but it seems that even a minute - and Nastia cry. Over the years, they saw each other only a few times.

Klaus returns to Paris. He was completely alone - unless, of course, except for the waitresses in cafes, wine shops sellers, maids in the hotel, students from Sweden, tourists from the United States and dancers "Crazy Chora", which is an infinite succession of passes across his bed in the room "L`Hotel" in which long ago I stopped Oscar Wilde. Son finally brought to the capital - now it is allowed to walk with him. At the premiere of "Nosferatu" in the cinema "Sinematek" when Kinski first appears on the screen - shaven bald, dead pale, with fathomless eyes and slender fingers clawed, the darkness of the auditorium scared scream pierces Nanhoya "Dad !!!"

... Someday, he will definitely explain Biggie, Minho, Nastya and her son that he felt all these years. Probably, he had caused them suffering. But to blame this devilish profession. It`s because of her, he gave a seize the darkest emotions, the most painful sensations - and then splashed it out. You can not afford their own sores heal. It is necessary to tear off their crusts and flaunt. Someday Klaus will be able to explain everything to them ...

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