Klaudiya Raya

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Date of birth: 23.12.1966

Age: 49

Place of Birth: Sao Paulo

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Strelkova

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You`re a comedian, sexy actress or an intellectual?

"The intelligent actress who knows how to use all aspects of the character and life experience to the benefit of rabote.Ya never refused job offers if I chose to be the only thanks to my external data, I can appreciate the income that brings rabota.No important and talent, we show animating his characters, especially in the theater, I televideniya.V at most comic actress I universal music such in Brazil is not a lot, it`s my specialty. "

To be beautiful or interesting?

"I do not krasiva.Esli to meet a woman of my type in the street, you would have thought," It is interesting, "but would not say" it is beautiful ".Krasavitsa we Vera Fischer, Shusha ... They can serve as a standard of beauty, I-no .I prefer to be interesting than krasivoy.Ya was an ugly baby, and I had to learn a cunning tricks to become attractive zhenschinoy.V school I was never selected a beauty queen, but I chose the Queen of Spring, and I received a prize of spectator simpatiy.I always me accompanied by a crowd of fans. "

Dance or to be an actress?

"Dance is my food dushi.I began studying dance at 2, 5 years, in fact I was born in the school tantsa.Moe body requires dance, I can not live without it zhit.No today I can not live without to be an actress .I found the optimal combination in the profession, I sing, dance and play. "

Pregnancy toxemia or appetite?

"I almost did not notice his beremennosti.U I have neither toxicity nor mad appetite, as it was my first beremennost.Seychas I follow a special diet for pregnant and I -superdistsiplinirovana and keep to a diet very strictly."

Pizza or salad?

"In spite of my great love for delicious food, a fan of pizza or pasta I yavlyayus.Konechno body needs and flour in a certain amount, and I eat it, but I do not! But compensating all Bar and Grill, I can not exactly the soprotilyatsya incredibly delicious things like pork to rebryshkah.I I know how to enjoy the food, as Edson (husband, actor Edson Cellular), we`d drive to "gourmet" holiday, which combine the pleasure of delicious food, tanning and relaxation .but right now we both have a lot on diete.Mne to sacrifice in order to maintain the shape. "

Ductile Skye surgery or exercises?

"I have already appealed to the plastic surgeons, I corrected the shape of the nose, it caused me a lot of bespokoystva.Ya could not look at myself in the mirror, it is still under way uglom.Ya consulted with three surgeons and they found my appearance garmonichnoy.No the nose not mine! and I found a fourth surgeon, who conducted the operation, and I was schastliva.Ya think plastic is necessary only in such cases when a person is not satisfied with any part of his body, and minor surgery, such as liposuction, it glupost.Vse these problems can be solved by using a diet and exercises. "

Meditation or psychoanalysis?

"I became a Buddhist 13 years ago as Edson.Buddizm -filosofiya our life, the way of thinking and osmysleniya.No I`m not a fanatic, I do not like any manifestation fanatizma.Ya think, meditate, but do not give up if psihoanaliza.Dumayu I`m not an actress, what would become psihoanalitikom.Ya admire this profession, it is a great work. "

Lovely girl or bitch?

"I`ve played pretty girls, and it was wonderful, but I have not interesno.A prefer to be a bitch, because they commanded all ostalnymi.Stervy-more complex, they are constantly moving forward, and they change the story."

Passion or love?

"Of course love! Passion destroys, she catches, captures and forces us to do absurd things wrong, unwise ... And I did not see the passion that awakens the love, at least it was not in my zhizni.Iskhodya from my personal experience, I I can say that true love wakes up slowly and increase gradually. "

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