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Birthday 01.1973

God Birth : 1973

Age: 42 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Legends glam rockWho gave the name of the group `KISS`? Why text group logo was the cause of the charges of its members in Nazism ? What do KISS invented musicians to be different from the rest? Why is the first KISS album sold poorly ,and how managers could promote the band and save the company `Casablanca Records` from bankruptcy ? Thanks to a cunning strategy KISS came in first place for the sale of albums and became the most popular band in America? Why the 80s rock musicians gradually lost popularity, and that they had to do to regain public interest ?Creating an image

The history of KISS, which in 70 years ` vzorvala` world rock scene began in 1972 when the New York guys are Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley organized Wicked Lester. The band played a mixture of rock and roll and glam rock, but not lasted long. Simmons and Stanley decided to radically change the approach to the music and left the team with the intention to organize a new group.

Soon Gene and Paul joined drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley. According to legend, Frehley impressed the other members of his eccentricity, appearing on the sample shod in two different shoes. Was this done is going, it is not known, but the eccentric Frehley liked everything, and he was accepted in the group.

According to Simmons, the name `KISS` Stanley invented when they were traveling together in a train, and a text logo has developed Frehley. Later, when it came to sales records, the musicians found their letters in the form of lightning like the Rune Sig ,which was used in its symbolism of SS troops of Nazi Germany. Despite the provocative image, they decided not to change the logo, but Germany still had to issue special covers.

Numerous charges KISS Nazism were extremely ridiculous. Not least because that Simmons - born in Israel, Stanley has Jewish roots. Just the guys liked the letters SS image in the form of lightning, and they do not care it was that the others think. Much more important was the stage image KISS participants who not only identified them among the other groups, but became the subject of imitation.

The idea to put on face makeup belonged to Simmons and Stanley. They decided,it will distinguish them from other groups and make memorable. The remaining members of the group supported the idea. So Stanley became ` Star Ditya`, Simmons - ` Demonom`, Frehley - ` Cosmic Tuzom` and Criss -

` Kotom`. Throughout his career, they make-up changed several times, but still remain true to their images.

On the way to gloryThe first performance took place in KISS `Popcorn Club` January 30, 1973. In November of the same year, the band signed a contract with producer Neil Bogart, who was the head of the label `Casablanca Records`. The band went on their first tour to Canada, and soon recorded their debut album simply titled `KISS` (1974). Despite the growing popularity, KISS first album sold poorly. `Casablanca Records` was on the verge of bankruptcy, but attempts to change the sound of Bogart nor to no avail. It was certainly not the case. For example, KISS concerts enjoyed great success. This is not surprising ,in fact happening on the stage a show with fireworks, smoke bombs and the various stunts that the musicians get up. The group quickly gained the status of the most spectacular, but about her still little known. Needed was a financial breakthrough, another group could cease to exist. And soon, the solution was found.

Considering that,KISS concerts that were immensely popular, it was decided to publish a recording of a live concert. In terms of commerce was a brilliant move. A live album `Alive!` (1975) not only brought the band worldwide fame, but also saved from bankruptcy by the label `Casablanca Records`.In the wake of the incredible success of KISS recorded their most ambitious album `Destroyer` (1976). It was followed by the successful `Rock and Roll Over` (1976) and ` Love Gun` (1977). They all received platinum status, proving that the band members are not only able to arrange a spectacular show, but make beautiful music quality. Their image and manner of performance predetermined the emergence of such a genre as glam rock and had a huge impact on formrovanie hard rock.

In the late `70s KISS became the most popular band in America. However, managers have conceived to bring the group to a new level. To this end, a sly strategy was devised ,which can be divided into two parts. The first part - is the simultaneous release of all four members of solo albums. Each of them has found its audience, but the most successful, according to critics, the disc proved Ace Frehley with radio hits `New York Groove`.

The second part of a cunning plan included the creation of the film ,where KISS characters will be portrayed as a superhero. He was released in 1978 under the name `Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park` and was defeated by film critics. Despite the negative reviews, Fans appreciated the film and raised him to the rank of a cult. Thanks to the successful management of KISS have earned a considerable sum, and reached the peak of glory. Soon, however, a natural crisis occurred. It is connected with the disagreement was between the team members. In 1982 he left the band, Peter Criss, and two years later - Ace Frehley. This was reflected not only in the KISS music, but also on the sales of the album ,since part of the fans who were dissatisfied with the dismissal of idols, announced a boycott.

To save his popularity, the band went on to take the plunge and appeared in public without makeup ! This action returned the public interest in the flamboyant group, but not for long. In the 80s glam rock and hard rock, which maneuvered between the KISS, gradually lost audiencebut with the advent of grunge came a new era, put an end to the work of many hard rock bands.

However, at the KISS remained a huge army of fans, which to this day is one of the largest fan groups. In 1996, after repeated changes of band members ,the band announced the reunion in pervonachanom lineup. The band went on a world tour `Alive / Worldwide Tour`, which took place on a large scale and was a huge success. It was the last big tour of the legendary KISS. Soon, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley left the band permanently, and in 2000 the band announced a farewell tour.However, KISS have not gone to bed. In 2002, Paul Stanley stated that the group will continue to exist in the new line-up. Criss on drums replaced by Eric Singer and Frehley instead was invited guitarist Tommy Thayer. The new composition of KISS released two albums - `Sonic Boom` (2009) and ` Monster` (2012) which today are the latest works by the rockers.

During his musical career KISS have sold over 100 million albums, becoming one of the most successful rock bands in history. Their influence on the formation of rock music can hardly be overestimated. Now `KISS` was referred to as living legends of glam rock

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