Kiro Gligorov

Picture of Kiro Gligorov

Date of Birth: 05/03/1917

Age: 94

Place of birth: Stip

Nationality: Macedonia


Gligorov was born on May 3, 1917 in the Macedonian town of Stip. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. He participated in the Anti-Fascist Assembly of People`s Liberation of Macedonia (Asnom) - the first in the history of the Macedonian national government, posted on the podium Asnom for finance.

In the post-war years in Yugoslavia held otvetstvennyedolzhnosti manual. In particular, he held the post of Federal Secretary (Minister) of Finance in 1962-1967, Deputy Chairman of the Federal Executive Council (Government) in 1967-1969. During these years, being an influential politician and economist, he actively promoted the idea of ??economic reforms in Yugoslavia. Extensive research activities helped him to create new, productive economy models. One of his tasks he saw Yugoslavia, transition to market principles. His high position in the government he used to achieve the intended goals.

January 27, 1991 was elected president of Macedonia, was in office until November 19, 1999. In October 1995, he was the victim of an assassination attempt, which resulted in lost an eye, and within four months was treated in the hospital, he returned to his duties only after a year. After retirement continued to participate in public and political life of their country.

Died January 1, 2012 in his sleep at his home in Skopje.