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Citizenship: Russia

Cyril Zinoviev from Rasputin to Putin

shot, without understanding

- When you left Russia?

- A long time ago. In 1918-m. You know, when during the revolution in Petersburg famine, the peasants themselves - no one forced them to do so - to bring us out of Koporye, our estate products. And - at the risk of life. "Profiteers" - the phenomenon was common at the time. They were peasants, who came from the countryside to the city with bags over their shoulders and sold koe-kakie products, mainly vegetables. Revolutionary law it was prohibited, because they like to engage in private enterprise. These farmers often shot. Lenin then said again that it makes no sense to arrest, offenders should be shot on the spot. Terror is necessary for the revolution. And then the shot, not understanding. You know me now separates from the Russia more years than at my birth I was separated from the Decembrists.

- By the way, about the Decembrists. You, as a historian, they are, as far as we know, do not complain ...

- In Russia, the Decembrists nourish quite a lot of respect, they represent something of martyrs. It argued that the Decembrists were the first revolutionaries, converters and exposed for his free-thinking terrible persecution. But the facts speak otherwise. Yes, emperor Nicholas I did some persecution was, but it only affects the main conspirators. Several were executed, others were exiled. But first, if it comes to that, the blood shed is the Decembrists, they killed two people. The government does not have many opponents of reform and transformation in the end would have been made. The emperor was not against the idea, but against the methods against distemper. After all, who are the Decembrists? Led mainly were officers who were pushing the army to mutiny. That`s what they were executed, and - for the disturbance of order and incitement. But it happened at any time and at all times, and at the royal, and the Soviet, and even post-Soviet. And I would say that in any country of the disturbers of order, especially the officers who gave the oath of allegiance to the Emperor, would be punished much more severely. You never had to read English or French newspapers of that era? Then all thought that the punishment for the Decembrists were too soft. Newspapers wrote that if the Russian government does so gently with the rebellious officers, it will not last long. Alexander II was to introduce many of the reforms sought by the Decembrists. For example, the liberation of the peasants, the shortening of conscription - up to 3-4 years instead of 25. There were even the intention to introduce a constitution, the draft of which, incidentally, found in the pocket of Alexander II, when he was killed. And what`s interesting: the Emperor tried to kill after each administration reform, for which so advocated in his time Decembrists.