Kirill Stolyarov

Picture of Kirill Stolyarov

Date of Birth: 01/28/1937

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Moscow in 1937. Father - Sergey Stolyarov. Mother - Olga Konstantinova. Wife - Golovin Nina F. (1936 born.). Son - Stolyarov Sergey K. (1962 born.). Daughter - Catherine Carpenter Kirillovna (1968 born.).

Carpenter - famous acting dynasty. She goes by the legendary screen hero - Ruslana, Sadko, Tsarevich Ivan, Alyosha Popovich - radiant handsome Sergei Dmitrievich carpenter, unforgettable Russian artist, whose name is linked whole epoch of Russian cinema. With the first big role in the melodrama, the movie "The Story of First Love" (. The end of the 50`s) came to the popularity of his son - Kirill Stolyarov, won the audience the charm of its lyrical. Sergei Stolyarov-second, named in honor of his grandfather, known in many families where there doshkolyata and junior high school students: more than a year he was a popular children TV program "The Children`s Hour" and acted in films ( "Tomorrow Was the War", "Gypsy fortune" and "The Return"). Three generations of carpenter. Prior to the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, Kirill Stolyarov managed to play in 4 films: "The heart is beating again," "Story of First Love", "peers" (1958 (1955-1956.) (1955-1956). city), "Man to Man" (1958). After graduating from the Institute of Cinematography in 1959, Kirill Stolyarov in the studio actor and since 1960 continuously in films, he plays in the theater, working on stage. During the period from 1960 to 1968. he starred in the films "They were 19" (1959-1960.) "Life First" (1961-1962.), "the secretary" (1963-1964.) "Long live the Republic!" (1964), "Ask your heart" (1965-1966.) "The Mysterious Monk" (1966), "The Last volleys" (1965), "Our house is on the ground" (1967-1968 .) "When the fog disperses" (1969-1970 gg.), "Marine character" (1968). In the future, followed by work in the films "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" (1976), "Peter Ryabinkin" (1976), "Blue portrait" (1976), "The Obelisk" (1976), "Zori kiss "" Such a profession "," Ludwig Varynsky "TV movie" Andrei Kolobov. " In the theater-studio movie actor Kirill Stolyarov took part in productions of "Ball in itself" (1959-1960 gg.), "First Meeting" (1961), "Ivan" (1964), "Barbara" (1967 ), "Glory" (1968). The most popular of these performances was the "Ivan" on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov. Starring Timofeev Stolyarov played 400 performances. In 1961-1966 gg. Kirill Stolyarov often performed in the concert programs of the stadium, took part in the concerts of the leading movie actors and programs "May there always be sunshine". Since 1967, he regularly participated in concerts in the Sports Palace, in the concert programs "Comrade movie", "We are from the movie", "Ten Star", "Comrade film 77" and others. Since 1965, she played a solo program of the Soviet cinema propaganda bureau. During this time, I have prepared several concert programs, concert rooms, solo programs on Yesenin poems, which appeared in almost all major cities of the country and in all the capitals of the republics of the USSR. He participated in all the concert programs of the theater "Film Actor". At the end of the 80s was the chief director of the studio theater actor, then in 1991 moved to television, where he was the author and presenter of the series "Actors and fate" of the outstanding living artists of national cinema. Under the heading "The past," he is the best films of the past Fatherland. Cycle program "St. Andrew`s flag" was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet. Stolyarov prepared and conducted radio programs, a cycle of 15 "Russian historical novel". He was awarded the Order of the Mongolian and Polish, as well as many diplomas. Currently Kirill S. Stolyarov is an advisor to the head of the Federal Service of television and radio Russian. It conducted a series of programs "The new illusion." He is president of the cultural and educational fund named People`s Artist of the USSR S.D.Stolyarova. Kirill Stolyarov enjoys studying the history of Moscow. He loves poetry Esenina and Tiutchev, works of Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Mozart, Bach, Russian sacred music. My favorite sport is hockey, which is played once himself, football, swimming and shooting.

Lives and works in Moscow.