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Date of Birth: 02/24/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Tallinn

Citizenship: Russia

The actor, who is hard not to smile

Cyril Kyaro born February 24, 1975 in the then-Soviet Tallinn. His father and older brother tied its fate to the sea. Cyril was also involved in the club for young sailors, but then the actor profession seemed to him more attractive, and to the eighth grade, he began attending the Actors Studio Tallinn`s Russian Theatre. In 1992, after graduating from school, he went to Moscow, and, to my surprise, has successfully passed the entrance exams at the Shchukin School (M. Panteleeva course). His graduation performance `Arshin mal alan` remembered by many as a theater director, and in 1997, after graduating from college, Kirill was admitted to the troupe Armen Jigarkhanyan. Working under the guidance of the famous actor and director gave a lot for the development of Cyril Kyaro as a professional actor. However, the theatrical life of the capital at the time, as well as the cinema, going through hard times. Cyril Kyaro, like many young, and well-known actors, has suffered from a lack of regular earnings, which led to the rupture of his marriage with a former classmate Nastya, and in 1999 he decided to return to his hometown.

Familiar from childhood Russian theater happily met Cyril. It was a time of theatrical experimentation, when, along with children`s stories included in the repertoire and interpretation of the proven classics time. Kyaro appeared on stage in `` Red Maugli` and shapochke`, `` and Revizore` Groze`. It was not until 2004, when the theater building was closed for major repairs, and repertoire, due to lack of a permanent stage and rehearsal rooms, fell sharply. In this difficult time for Kyaro I called him more familiar with student years Anton Makarskii with the news that the director creates Borisov entreprise based on their graduation performance. Fortunately Cyril at the time had an open visa, and the management agreed to leave the theater actor in the troupe lists. Moreover, in 2006 the forces of the actors of Russian theaters of Baltic and director R. Kozak was created another entreprise, spectacle `Russian smeh` on Dostoevsky`s works, which also participated Cyril Kyaro.

Return to Moscow returned Kirill Kyaro forgotten sensation boiling artistic life. He realized that he really did not have a broad professional dialogue; In addition, I wanted to try his hand at film and television (though in 2002 in Tallinn, he has starred in the short film `Izbavlenie`). Here, the actor had to start from scratch - not only interfere with the absence of Me, and Estonian citizenship actually means a ban on the job. To get rid of red tape, Kyaro registered as an entrepreneur and owner of the company, which was both a founder and an employee. He began working in the theater `` Praktika` and theater. DOK`, as well as to participate in the filming.

The first trial began in episodes Afromoskvich` `` Aeroport`, `for the Brotherhood oruzhiyu` and other films, they were followed by a small role in `The Chronicles of slaughter otdela`,` Detectives-5`, `1814`. Memorized for Cyril Kyaro began filming `Valery Kharlamov. Additional vremya` (2007, the role of Boris Mikhailov), where he had to plunge into the atmosphere of the seventies and the sports master hockey techniques.

But perhaps the most striking work Kyaro this period was the role of Fame Shtehelya in the legendary `Likvidatsii` (2007). The actor has repeatedly said that does not shun small roles, moreover, sees them more opportunities for a brighter and disclosure gambling image. As for the shooting in the series, he noted with regret that the serial shootings format requires a minimum number of duplicates and does not allow to work on the way as it should.

To his favorite roles Cyril Kyaro refers to `Glory Likvidatsii`, Major Yershov in` Zastava Zhilina`, and especially - in Nikolaev `I vernus` (2008). The mysterious story about a fantastic journey of a young soul sick old man demanded great skill - suffice it to say that `starogo` image Kirill did not even use a special makeup.

But the real sensation for the viewers become part of Cyril Kyaro in detective series `Nyuhach`. The idea to invite the actor to audition came from the wife of director Artem Litvinenko, who saw Cyril in some series. In the autumn of 2013 an unusual detective story came out on television screens, where the hero lives in an atmosphere of complete sterility, breathing through the filters in the nose and visualize their thoughts in a smoky shapes. Cyril confessed that he, a former troechniku, it was very difficult to master effortless pronunciation chemical formulas and confident manipulation of laboratory equipment, and the most difficult thing was not smiling on the set. However, the actor liked the style of his on-screen character, as well as a huge number of accolades not only from enthusiastic fans, but also from taken place in the life of intelligent people.

His last work was the role of Cyril Kyaro other main character in the TV series `Dikiy` (2014). The future plans of the actor - participated in the second season of the beloved viewers `Nyuhacha`.

In his free time shooting performances and Kyaro Kirill arrives to his hometown, where his parents live, and a close friend of Julia.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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