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Date of Birth: 03/29/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Lomonosov

Citizenship: Russia

Cyril Zhandarov: fame in the film - a sure way to fame

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Actor Zhandarov Cyril was born in March 1983 in the town of Lomonosov, Leningrad region. None of his relatives had not in any way related to the world of art. As a child, the little Cyril dreamed of becoming an artist and participated in school amateur, to which his parents were treated as child`s play, having nothing to do for the future choice of profession his son. They wanted to Cyril was a respectable lawyer.

In 2000 Zhandarov graduated from high school and at the beginning, at the insistence of his relatives had planned to go to the Faculty of Law, but his fate was prepared for another way of life. As a result, the young man decided to apply to the theater academy of the northern capital. He successfully passed the exams and got into the workshop instructor Sergei Parshin. But this did not stop. While studying Zhandarov played on the stage of the theater student at Moss; especially a great success with the public use of his characters in productions of `A Midsummer noch` and `True - good, but happiness - luchshe`.

While studying at the university student first appeared on the silver screen. In 2002, he was called on a cameo of Emperor Nicholas I in the movie `One love moey` soul. In 2003, the young actor played in the movie `Three Colors lyubvi` where embodied on-screen image indecisive Cute Man Sam.

Despite the fact that his employment in the study were added in shooting films Zhandarov continued to play in theater productions on Moss until the very end of the high school theater. Thereafter Zhandarov left for the Russian capital, where he was taken to serve in theater Viktyuk. One of the first roles Zhandarova on the Moscow stage was Joshua staged `Master and Margarita` for religious works of Mikhail Bulgakov. Also Theater Viktyuk young actor briefly collaborated with one of the metropolitan newspapers and managed to get one more education - the manager of the restaurant business, but it is not useful to him. In one of his interviews Zhandarov said that Moscow was not conquered, as, indeed, and he did.

In 2006, the actor returned to his hometown and joined the famous Tovstonogov Big Drama Theatre, where he played in such productions as `Uncle son`,` Night Before Rozhdestvom` and `Bliss!`.

During his communication with the press Zhandarov thinking that some actors believe the theater the first step on your path to success and glory, though it is a very wrong opinion. It turns out that after the popularity of the film and, especially, on television, the actor begins to spur the interest of spectators to his theater work. Theatrical success of the actor, as a rule, comes after its popularity in other, more massive forms of art. Although, there is a unique theater actors, who use their talent and labor achieved fame only on the theatrical field. At one time, in communion with Zhandarova famous Russian actor Oleg Basilashvili said that if it was not popular in the film, he would have been known for a narrow circle of theater goers, but, on the other hand, the success of the BDT to help him get to the eyes of famous filmmakers.

His national popularity actor felt after the release of the TV project `Milkmaid of Hatsapetovki` directed by Anna Gres.

In 2006 Zhandarov participated in the filming of the comedy action `Zhuliki`. The role of a character named Serge in this crime film directed by Mary Makhanko brought him great success, after which it became increasingly invited to the movies and on TV.

In 2007, Anna Gres again called the actor in his film `Hope zhizni` as evidence for the lead role. The film tells a story of love and partner Zhandarova on set was a young actress Anastasiya Panina.

The filmography Zhandarova can meet the most diverse pictures - `Format A-4`,` Dostoevskiy`, `Breathe with mnoy`,` Provintsialka` and many others. As a rule, he is offered a game Cute villains, although the actor thinks he can perform any role. Over time, playing bad guys in the movies and on television Zhandarova tired. After a while he began to offer specific images that were more interesting actor. Not so long ago, in a new film directed by Andrew Libenson Cyril appeared in the guise of a young man of 60 years of the last century, which is the correct Soviet way of life. actor co-star was the famous master of Russian cinema Igor Petrenko.

If we talk about the capital`s film studios, the last time they offer Cyril Zhandarova quite diverse roles, the same thing happens with Ukrainian paintings.

One of the most recent works Zhandarova in the movie, is a major role in the 12-serial melodrama `Windy zhenschina`, in which he played a young entrepreneur Nikita Gorelova, who through the pain and loss of will to get stronger, and understand what is important in his life. Due to this complex and multi-faceted role, Zhandarov probably could first make themselves known, Kah about serious and held the actor, but also allowed viewers to see themselves as a positive hero, able to love, to struggle with their weaknesses, and overcome obstacles to your happiness . The last scene of the film, in which the hero Zhandarova is shocked at the thought that he had lost all his favorite rigged in a car accident, was played with consummate skill worthy of admiration. The role of Nikita Gorelov Zhandarova brought into a new orbit of popularity and recognition, and it is possible that it is this work could be the starting point for his future film career

His future wife, Nadezhda Tolubeevoy Kirill first met by chance. One morning they were at the BDT, together with his colleague decided to go for champagne. On the way, at the exit of the theater Cyril saw a girl up the stairs. She immediately liked the actor, and he decided to catch up with her. At first, friends thought it was pretty rushed to the buffet, but it was not there. Found Hope in theatrical smoking room. Zhandarov sat opposite and looked at her, his eyes. The girl was so keen eyes of a young man a little embarrassed, but she did not lose her, and offered to sit down. After that, they struck up a lively conversation, and two weeks later the couple began to spend time together often. As a result, courtship Cyril did Tolubeevoy quite original proposal - presented a ring made from a cocktail rolls.

During the wedding there were some fans of the actor, who decided to prevent the young to gain family happiness. They give hope to a photo album, where the groom pictures with pretty girls were placed. But the bride did not pay any attention to it, and the wedding was a success.

Unfortunately, this marriage would last only two years. Intense work schedule young actor couple hardly left them time not only on what to build the family nest, but also to just see each other. In the end, they decided to leave. However, a ray of happiness lit up the back way of life of Cyril, sent him a new love - actress Maria Valeshnuyu. In 2013, the year the couple had a son, whom they named Valery, after Cyril`s father. Despite the fact that cares about the kid leave little Cyril and Mary spare time, they are extremely happy and build joint plans for the future. Responsibility for the family and the child allowed Cyril to grow not only in terms of creativity, but also inspired him to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

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