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The little girl with the heart out

Meet Kieran, wonderful girl, who was born with heart outside.

Doctors have found an incredibly rare condition, when the girl`s mother, Kathleen, had never given birth, held an ordinary ultrasound at 20 weeks of gestation.

In grainy picture showed little body Kieran. However, seven centimeters to the left of the body `otdelno` beating her tiny heart.

This meant that after the birth of Kieran urgently needed to deliver the operating room, not even giving her parents, Kathleen and Brian, hold daughter on the hands.

Kieran required an extremely difficult operation, aimed at `perenastroyku` just her body.

`We had no idea that such is possible at all - says Caitlin, a photographer from Bismarck, North Dakota (Bismarck, North Dakota). - Newly minted parents can imagine anything, but not Eto`o.

`It was difficult to find room in my head. We realized that our daughter little chance. It was alarming vremya`.

In an effort to help Kieran, doctors from the clinic Meyonskoy began to develop an innovative method of using 3D-visualization.

Dr. Joseph Derani said: `Kieran was one of the most if not the most, a rare congenital heart defect - a defect called ectopia of the heart (ectopia cordis)`.

`The only way to successfully deal with this was to provide a comprehensive approach for which it was necessary to assemble a team ekspertov`.

3D-anatomical model Kieran has been made with the aim to prepare surgeons - all the details to show how it will look the baby when born.

After an emergency Caesarean section team from 60 different doctors from 12 different teams gathered together for one and a half hours to stabilize Kieran and operate it.

High priority tasks were returning back to the heart in the chest, and the operation is viewed as extremely risky.

Caitlin says: `It was probably one of the most difficult moments. I have not seen my girl when she rodilas`.

`I had to allow doctors to immediately pick it up, so they were able to immediately make all the neobhodimoe`.

`It was hard, but we had to agree to it. Doctors took five hours to put the heart back into Kieran grud`.

`It is not so long, given the complexity of the operation, but it seemed to us that an eternity. We just wanted to know what happened to our daughter all poryadke`.

Kieran successfully underwent surgery, but the girl had to hold for four months in the intensive care unit.

By the time both Kieran reached the age of six months, it has leveled off in terms of development with other children of their age group and went home.

Now the 18-month-old, daughter Caitlin nedalekombuduschem face a number of other surgical procedures.

Currently native Kieran forced to raise funds to pay for current medical expenses.

Caitlin and Brian, however, say that now consider themselves to be the happiest parents in the world, watching as the progress of their baby.

`Now we have a happy, beautiful and quiet child - says Caitlin. - Kieran needs regular visits to the hospital for further surgery, but it feels just fine, so there is no urgent measures are not taken nado`.

`Even dealing with her case specialist surprised at how well it develops. When we visited him the last time, he said, `I do not know how she udaetsya`.

`We are very grateful to the doctors who saved our daughter. We know that many children are born with a similar ailment, not vyzhivayut`.

`Who is the possibility of our Kieran just bezgranichny`.