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Age: 35

Place of birth: Glasgow

Citizenship: Egypt


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Abdullah starred in the role of the director Amir Marc Forster (Marc Forster) in the drama `Running for vetrom` (` The Kite Runner`) with Atossa Leoni (Atossa Leoni), and then again came to Greengrass to get along with Matt Damon (Matt Damon ) to play in the military action `Do not take zhivym` (` Green Zone`).

Khalid Abdalla was born in 1980 in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (Glasgow, Scotland, UK), in a family with Egyptian roots. He grew up in London, England (in London, England).

Abdullah was educated at King`s College School, an independent school for boys in Wimbledon, West London (Wimbledon, West London). He studied at the same institution with the actor Ben Barnes (Ben Barnes) and comedian Tom Basdenom (Tom Basden). After high school, Khalid entered the Queen`s College at Cambridge University (Queens` College, University of Cambridge), where he studied acting angliyskiyNa path Abdullah stood still at school, great feeling on the stage. So, the list of his early theatrical works - a major role in Shakespeare`s tragedy Makbet` `(` Macbeth`).

In 1998, he led the process of staging the play `Someone Who`ll Watch Over Me` Frank McGuinness (Frank McGuinness). This successful work was warmly greeted at the Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh Festival) and won the evaluation of the `five zvezd` newspaper` The Scotsman`. Thus, Abdullah became the youngest director who has received this kind of reward.

After that Khalid whole year traveled to the Middle East (Middle East), and then to Cambridge to pursue an acting career, quickly making it clear that serious. He played a leading role in the play `Otello` (` Othello`), `Britannik` (` Britannicus`) and Ekvus` `(` Equus`) and won the award for acting `Cressida Trew of the Judges` Award` on People Student Drama festival (National Student Drama festival) per game in the play `Bedbound` Enda Walsh (Enda Walsh).

Later, he studied at the Philip Guglie Paris School (Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Paris).

In 2003, Abdullah has played a major role in the play `Tamerlane velikiy` (` Tamburlaine the Great`) Christopher Marlowe (Christopher Marlowe), which was shown at the Theatre of the Rose (Rose Theatre).

On the small screen actor he made his debut in 2005, the year - in an episode of `Prizraki` (` Spooks`) called `Infiltration of a New Threat`. After playing Ziad Jarrah in the movie `Lost reys` Abdullah was in the ensemble cast of the drama `Running for vetrom`. Before you play a major role this picture, Khalid spent in preparation for a month in Kabul (Kabul), to get acquainted with the language of Dari and learn to fly kites.

In 2008, Abdullah agreed to the role of Guy Pringle in radio show `Fortune voyny` (` Fortunes of War`). He starred as Freddie Greengrass thriller `Do not take zhivym` with Matt Damon, and in 2009-2010. She produced and starred in the independent Egyptian film `In the Last Days of the City`, which currently has the status of post-production.

In November of 2010, Abdullah was awarded special recognition for his achievements in film at the Cairo International Film Festival (Cairo International Film Festival).

In January-February of 2011 the actor took part in the largest protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt (Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt) against Hosni Mubarak`s regime (Hosni Mubarak), the President of Egypt.

Abdullah is on the board of the Board of National Student Drama Festival.

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