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Date of Birth: 09/08/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Elgin

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Kevin McKidd (Kevin McKidd, 9.08.1973) - Scottish film and television actor. Kevin is known by a number of successful television roles - Lucius Vorenus in Rim` `(` Rome`), Dan Vasser in Puteshestvennik` `(` Journeyman`) and Dr. Owen Hunt in `Anatomy strasti` (` Grey`s Anatomy`).

Also McKidd starred in such films as `On igle` (` Trainspotting`), `The kingdom nebesnoe` (` Kingdom of Heaven`), `Last legion` (` The Last Legion`), `Hannibal Voskhozhdenie` (` Hannibal : Rising`); In addition, he starred in the cult British horror film `Psy-voiny` (` Dog Soldiers`). McKidd was also involved in dubbing - his voice speaks Jezz Torrent, lead singer of the fictional plamennovolosy Scottish hard rock band `Love Fist` in popular computer games` Grand Theft Auto: Vice City` and `Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas`; in `Grand Theft Auto 4` his character just mentioned. It will also articulate `Mylo` McTavish in` Modern Warfare 2`.

Born and raised McKidd in Elgin, Moray, Scotland; where he attended primary school and the Academy of Elgin. Kevin was a member of a local acting troupe in the Moray Youth Theatre. Planning to study engineering, he entered the University of Edinburgh, but then dropped it and instead went to the College of Queen Marguerite, to study drama. He also became a member of the theater company of Edinburgh University Students` Theatre Bedlama`.

The first professional role McKidd is visible in the television series `Father Ted` (` Father Ted`); where he played Deegan father in an episode of 1996. Of further note his roles in `Tommy On igle` and Malky Johnson in `Small Faces`. In the 2004th, he played the role of James Hepburn, fourth Earl Botvellskogo and third husband of Mary Stuart Queen of Scots in the BBC miniseries channel `Conspiracy against korony` (` Gunpowder, Treason & Plot`). In 1998 he played Kevin in the four-channel design BBC `Looking After Jo Jo`; he got the role of Basil. He also became one of the main actors of HBO / BBC project `Rim` - his personification of a soldier and politician Lucius Vorenus has received a lot of critical reviews of approval.

Kevin played in the prequel to the classic psychological thriller `Silence yagnyat` -` Hannibal Voskhozhdenie` of 2007. In the autumn of the same year McKidd began to perform a major role in the American science fiction series `NBC channel Puteshestvennik`; in the show, however, it was low ratings and was closed after thirteen episodes.

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