Kenneth Connor

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Date of Birth: 06/06/1918

Age: 75

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Kenneth Connor, the son of a naval officer, born on June 6, 1918 in London (London). He first appeared on stage at the age of two years and eleven had already spoken with his brother and yourself in the variety revue. Later, he decided to become a serious actor and studied in professional music and drama schools. After serving six months in the army (he was involved in the British invasion of Rome (Rome)), Connor returned to the theater, but has been successful thanks to its characteristic voice, speaking in a comic radio shows BBC radio, in particular in the program of comedian Ted Ray (Ted Ray) `Ray`sa Laugh`, in which he played many eccentric characters. Kenneth first appeared on screen in 1939 in the drama `ruchka` Poisoned (Poison Pen), playing the role of an employee in a tiny post office, and then went back to the set only with the beginning of the 50s. He had a small, but bright cabbie role in the crime comedy 1955 `Killer ledi` (The Ladykillers), and Connor has frequently appeared in the radio show` The Goon Show`, replacing the ill actors of constant composition.

In 1958, Connor was offered a role in the first film of the series `So derzhat` - `Keep it up, serzhant` (Carry On Sergeant). He loved the audience and became one of the regulars of the series, playing in 17 of the 30 original films and many television sequels. In his first film in this series actor often played pretty sincere characters and even the romantic heroes. By the middle of cycle appearance Connor became noticeably less, but he returned in later films, in a different role. Now he often played stale pompous characters who are not averse to go to the left. His son, Jeremy (Jeremy Connor) appeared as his son `So keep medsestra` (Carry On Nurse).

Together with actors Kenneth Williams (Kenneth Williams) and Eric Barker (Eric Barker) Kenneth Connor was among those who appeared in the first film series, `Keep it up, serzhant`, and in the penultimate,` Keep it up, Emmanuel` ( Carry On Emmanuelle) in 1978, excluding the very late comedy, `keep it up, Kolumb` (Carry On Columbus). In 1961, together with partners in the shooting `So derzhat` Sid James (Sid James) and Esmoy Cannon (Esma Cannon), Connor starred in the British comedy acute` What a Carve Up! `(What a Carve Up!). In the early 60s the actor has played several different characters in a puppet show `Four Feather Falls`.

From 1971 to 1973, Connor was a member of the regular cast of the popular comedy radio show on BBC radio called `Saydings` Parsley (Parsley Sidings). Unlike many of his colleagues in the `So derzhat`, Connor met with success in his future career. He played on the London theater scene, for example, has played a leading role in the musical `The funny story that happened on the way to forum` (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum), he was a regular participant in the revue theaters of the West End (West End) and frequently appeared on television as a guest star in the TV series, as well as in children`s entertainment programs. One of his most famous roles on television became Monsieur Alphonse (Monsieur Alfonse) in the popular sitcom `Allo, allo! `(` Allo `Allo!).

The last time Kenneth Connor appeared on the television screen as Mr. Warren (Mr Warren) in `Memoirs of Sherlock Holmsa` (The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes), and the episode with his participation came after the actor`s death in 1994.

The actor died of cancer on November 28, 1993 in Harrow, London (Harrow, London) at the age of 75 years. He played until the last days in the theater.

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