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Date of Birth: 09/27/1940

Age: 76

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The founder of the theory of games

Along with John Nash (John Forbes Nash Jr.) and Aerielem Rubinstein (Ariel Rubinstein) Kenneth - one of the founders of the modern theory of transactions; Binmore has done much for the development of game theory, experimental economics and evolutionary game theory; rather he actively worked on works on analytic philosophy. Engage economies Kenneth began making quite a good career in the field of mathematics, rising to the post of head of the department of mathematics at the London School of Economics (London School of Economics). Replacing vector activity Binmore pretty quickly became one of the founders of game theory; It attracted him, however, as the political and moral philosophy, decision theory and statistics. By the current moment, Kenneth has written more than 100 academic articles and 14 books.

Math Binmore studied vImperskom College London (Imperial College London); He finished his studies he was a bachelor`s degree and first degree award from the governor. Of course, on this his academic career he is not over - soon Kenneth was already a PhD in mathematical analysis.

His research on the theory deals Kenneth was always accompanied by carefully set by laboratory experiments. Many rightly considered the father of experimental Binmore informal economy - to work in the lab, he began in the 80s, when most economists were confident that under the experimental conditions of game theory will not work. Kenneth, however, was able to prove that the theory of games very well predict the behavior of skilled players - even under laboratory conditions; slightly complicates the problem even human error. This observation, of course, had not like followers of behavioral economics, focuses on social preferences and game theory does not carry over the spirit.

In the 80`s the Kenneth began to study the political and moral philosophy - soon after the application of the theory of transactions to the work of John Rawls (John Rawls). From Rawls Binmore gradually came first to Kant (Immanuel Kant), and then - to David Hume (David Hume). That works of Hume inspired Binmore to study moral ideas; He began, however, with all of that Rawls and his work on the norms of behavior in the biological and social evolution. The result was a two-volume study `Game theory and social dogovor` (` Game Theory and the Social Contract`) - quite an ambitious attempt to lay the foundation for the science of morality built on the theory of games. In his book, Kenneth suggested a very interesting interpretation of Rawls - to reflect the latest research and the utilitarian theory of John Harsanyi (John Harsanyi).

In 1995 Binmore became one of the founding directors of the Center for Economic Research and Social Evolution (Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution) - a major interdisciplinary research center at the University College London, studied economics, psychology, anthropology and mathematics.

Now Binmore takes a number of key positions in the most important institutions of the country - the post of honorary professor of economics at University College London, Visiting Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Bristol (University of Bristol) and visiting professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics (London School of Economics).

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