Kenneth Alessio Bianchi

Picture of Kenneth Alessio Bianchi

Date of Birth: 02/22/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Rochester

Citizenship: United States


Kenneth Alessio Bianchi (Kenneth Alessio Bianchi) born May 22, 1951, in Rochester, New York. His mother was a 14-year-old prostitute, who gave the boy up for adoption two weeks after his birth. Three crumbs adopted foster a childless couple, Francis Skiolino (Frances Scioliono) and her husband Nicholas Bianchi (Nicholas Bianchi).

At five years old he was diagnosed - a mild form of epilepsy, and ten - passive-aggressive disorder. Bianchi was deeply problematic from an early age. His foster mother described it as a `compulsive liar, who got out of the cradle obmanschikom`. In order to attract attention Bianchi got the tendency to tell fictional stories - hysterical fantasy. Despite the fact that his intelligence was above average, Bianchi went below their abilities and quickly lost his temper.

After Nicholas died in 1964, his widow got a job as an adopted son was in high school. After graduating from high school, Gates-Chili (Gates-Chili High School) in 1971, Bianchi was soon married his high school sweetheart. Their alliance collapsed after eight months of marriage. Kenneth dropped out of college after one semester and changed a lot of jobs, until finally he stopped at a jewelry store security guard positions. This gave him the opportunity to steal valuables, which he often gave their girlfriends and prostitutes, showing how to value them. Due vorovskogoobraza life Bianchi was forced to permanently relocate.

He moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles) in 1977 and began to communicate with her older cousin, Angelo Buono, from which the thief was ecstatic. Bianchi liked his fashionable clothes, jewelry and talent zapoluchat location of any woman and tell them `their mesto`. Soon the brothers began to pimps, until the end of 1977 have not tried murder. At the time of his arrest in early 1979, they raped and killed 10 girls and young women.

As a rule, Bianchi and Buono traveled around Los Angeles in a car Buono and used fake police badges to convince women that they face the representatives of law and order. Their victims, representatives of different sectors of society, it was 12 to 28 years. The brothers took them home, where they humiliated and killed.

Both men raped women before strangle. In addition, they set out on the monstrous experiments, practicing different ways of killing, including lethal injection, electric shock and carbon monoxide poisoning. During the killings Bianchi managed to get a job in the Department of the Los Angeles police. He even participated in a few of police raids to identify the Hillside Strangler.

over time, forensic psychologists have begun to consider the version that the executioners could under the pretext of search measures to become parties to return to the crime scene and to observe the progress of the investigation. After collecting the information it revealed that Kenneth Bianchi 1951 year of birth twice been called to volunteer, find themselves within walking distance from places of detection of corpses. When Buono learned that his cousin talked about the case of the Hillside Strangler, in a fit of rage, he threatened to kill Bianca, if he did not run away in Bellingham, Washington (Bellingham, Washington). And he ran away in May of 1978.

January 11, 1979 th Bianchi lured two female students in the house, which is protected, and strangled them. He told them that it will be necessary pokaraulit house while employees of security firm not change the alarm, and they did not see anything suspicious in that. Killed were 22-year-old Karen Mandic (Karen Mandic) and 27-year-old Diane Wilder (Diane Wilder) from Western Washington University. Prior to that, Bianchi has always acted with Buono, who was a master cover his tracks, but this time without the help of the offender left a lot of clues - and was arrested the next day. His California driver`s license and a further routine testing tightly bound him with two victims of the Hillside Strangler.

After the arrest of Bianca admitted that with Buono in 1977 under the guise of police stopped a young woman named Catherine Lorre (Catharine Lorre), who assumed the role of a prostitute. When the brothers pressed on her, Catherine said that her father, Hollywood actor and manager Peter Lorre (Peter Lorre), `erase them poroshok`. And they let her go. Only after the arrest Bianchi Lorre learned the true nature of the people encountered in the past.

At trial, Bianchi did not plead guilty because of his own insanity. He claimed that some other aspect of his personality, Steve Walker is guilty of all the crimes. He even managed to convince the few psychiatrists-experts, but the chief psychiatrist Martin Orne (Martin Orne) went to the trick, saying that usually in such cases, the real frustration we are talking about three or more persons. And Bianca immediately began to talk about a third of his personality by the name of Billy. Eventually, the police found in his collection of books on modern psychology, learned of his talents to pretense, and that he tried under a false name - and that name turned out to be real-life psychologist Steve Walker - to practice psychology.

To obtain the indulgence, Bianca passed Buono. In 1980 he came into contact with the writer Compton Veronica (Veronica Compton), who wanted to strangle the woman, sperm throw Bianchi and simulate rape and murder in the spirit of the Hillside Strangler, to confuse the investigation. But the cunning plan was uncovered - and Compton went to prison, where still able to escape.

In 2025 Kenneth Bianchi received another eligible to apply for parole, which was denied in 2010.