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Date of Birth: 10/19/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Edinburgh

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The dwarf Balin of "The Hobbit"

Kenneth Campbell Stott - Scottish actor, well known within the UK (United Kingdom) a number of roles on television. Most of all, famous by starring in the TV series `Rebus` (Rebus) and the role of the dwarf Balin (Balin) in the film series Hobbit`` ( `The Hobbit`).

Stott was born in Edinburgh (Edinburgh); his parents were teachers. In his youth, Kenneth spent three years in the local band `Keyhole`; in the future it is the members of this group create command `Bay City Rollers`. Some time Stott studied at the Academy of Performing Arts Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London (London), and then got a job in the theater of the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company). Alas, the acting thing for a long time brought Kenneth is very, very unconvincing revenues; to life means Stott currently sought by working as a traveling salesman - which, incidentally, later helped him very well get used to the way in `Takin` Over the Asylum`.

Initially acting Stott activity was related entirely and exclusively with the theater; among the most serious of his roles on the stage should first mention the major role in the formulation of Biena Dominic (Dominic Behan) `The Folk Singer`. Parallel Kennett played less important roles in various projects such as BBC `Secret Army`,` The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: King Lear`, and `The Singing Detective` Dennis Potter (Dennis Potter). Stott had time to try yourself and advertising - he played a fireman in the project `Drinking And Driving Wrecks Lives`.

A truly successful roles on television Stott began to receive only 90. Kennett was able to play in a number of relatively popular crime dramas, and even play the role of Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler) in the project ITV `Adolf` Uncle (` Uncle Adolf`).

In 2006 Kennett got the main role in the detective series `Rebus` - the film adaptation of the works of Ian Rankin (Ian Rankin); the role previously played by John Hannah (John Hannah). In 2008, Stott was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA; nomination that he brought the role of Tony Hancock (Tony Hancock) in the project BBC Four `Dzhoan` Hancock (Hancock and Joan). More recently, Kennett played Nigel Slater (Nigel Slater) released in BBC One adaptation of the autobiographical novel Slater `Toast`; together with Stott in the film was played by Helena Bonham Carter (Helena Bonham Carter) and Freddie Highmore (Freddie Highmore).

On the big screen role of Kennett battered predominantly small. In 1994, the actor has played Detective McCall (DI McCall) in shallow mogila` `(` Shallow Grave`), in 1997 - Ted (Ted) in the `Football goryachka` ( `Fever Pitch`), in 2004 - Marius Honorius (Marius Honorius) in `King Artur` (` King Arthur`), in 2008 - the badger, who helped Prince Caspian (Prince Caspian) in the film adaptation of another book series` The Chronicles Narnii` ( `The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian `). However, sometimes Stott and got really big role - so, in 1999, he played quite a large party in the `dolgov` collector (` The Debt Collector`) c Billy Connolly (Billy Connolly) and Ian Robertson (Iain Robertson). More recently, Stott played Kennett dwarf Balin (Balin) in the new film adaptation of Tolkien `Hobbit`; game to his critics and the audience obviously relished.

Theatrical stage Kennett and Stott did not leave today. In 1997, Stott was even nominated for the Lawrence Olivier Award (Laurence Olivier) in the nomination `Best akter`; nomination that his role in the production of Yasmina Reza (Yasmina Reza) `Art`. Later, in 2008, Stott played in a different setting Reza, `The God of Carnage`; Here they shared the stage with Tamsin Greg (Tamsin Greig), Janet McTeer (Janet McTeer) and Ralph Fiennes (Ralph Fiennes).

Once Kennett Stott was married; married had a son, but the marriage itself of divorce is not saved. The second time Stott never married, although the girlfriend - actress Nina Gel (Nina Gehl) - it has.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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