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Date of birth: 23.02.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Glasgow

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Kelly Macdonald - Scottish actress, winner of `Emmi`, awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award. Born on February 23, 1976 in Glasgow, Scotland. Kelly spent his childhood in the suburbs, where after the birth of her family moved. After graduating from high school Istvudskoy Kelly returned to Glasgow.

In Glasgow Kelly he settled as a waitress in a cafe and began to closely monitor the announcements of castings. Soon it got flyers to start listening to the shooting of the film Danny Boyle`s drama `On igle` - Kelly decided to go. It has successfully passed the selection and won the role of Diana, underage seductress protagonist, played by Ian McGregor. The film has received international recognition, and Kelly was nominated for the award of Scotland `BAFTA` as` the best female singer roli`. In the same year, Kelly starred in the British drama Koki Giedroyc `Stella Does Tricks`.

For several years, Kelly has performed leading roles in several art projects, including: short thriller `Die Eye Dick`, comedy` zhizn` Luxury, romance and drama Entropiya` `` House on two semi`. In addition, she got small roles in such well-known films like comedy drama `Cousin Betta` and drama` Elizaveta` in 1998 biographical drama `My gay zhizn` in 1999 and the comedy `Golosa` 2000.

The historical drama `` oskaronosnoy` Elizaveta`, which tells about the life of the great British Queen of the XVI century, Kelly starred Isabelle Knoliss. The main roles in the film played by Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Christopher Eccleston and Joseph Fiennes.

On television, Kelly Macdonald first appeared in 2003, played a leading role in the detective series` Big igra`. Also participated in the project, John Simm, David Morrison and Bill Nighy.

In August 2003, Kelly married the bass guitarist of the Scottish group `Travis` Douglas Payne. The pair lives in London. March 9, 2008 they had a son, who was named Freddie Peter Payne.

In 2004, screens out the biographical drama `Magic strana` with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet in the lead roles. In this magnificent picture, which tells about the history of fairy tales about Peter Pan by Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie, Kelly had a chance to play the role of Peter Pan. The film `The Magic strana` was nominated for `Oskar`v seven categories and the award` BAFTA` - eleven. The film is almost five times recouped its budget, grossed about $ 120 million.

The following year, Kelly Macdonald received an invitation to play the main role in the romantic TV project David Yates` Girl in kafe`, the main male role which played Bill Nighy. For the role of Gina in 2006. Kelly was nominated for a Golden globus` `` Emmi` and award in the category `Best Actress in a Miniseries or filme`.

In 2005, Kelly took part in the Franco-Italian project `Invisible deti`. The film has become part of a worldwide project of UNICEF and the United Nations world food program. All proceeds from the show paintings were donated to the fund for needy children. In addition, in 2005, Kelly starred in the family comedy Evangeline Kirk Jones` McPhee nyanya`, fun stories about the nurse-sorceress cope with seven rebellious tomboy. The picture was very successful at the box office and around the world raised more than $ 120 million.

One of the most successful works of Kelly Macdonald considered the role of Carla Jean Moss in the Coen brothers crime drama `Old Men mesto` 2007. The success of the film speaks of awards, but four `Oskarov` (including in the category `Best Film goda` 2008), he was awarded` Golden globusom`, the British Academy,` vetvyu` Golden Palm at Cannes and the Golden orlom` ` as `the best foreign film at the Russian prokate`.

In 2008, the screens went two films featuring Kelly. In the drama of Michael Keaton `Merry gospodin` she played the female lead, and in the comedy drama Clark Gregg` Udushe` - Rage Marshal. When filming `Merry gospodina` in the cast included such famous actors as Michael Keaton, Tom Bastouns and Debbie Bruns. Drama `Udushe` became popular adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk`s novel, which tells about the sad life of a rogue, for fun guard in restaurants attacks of breathlessness and preying on the innocent people`s money.

In 2009, Kelly starred in the fantasy drama `Skellig` filmed on the eponymous bestseller by David Almond. And also accepted an invitation to play a role in a drama series Martin Scorsese`s `Boardwallk Empire`. The series will also be filming Harry L. Seddon, Jordan Gelber, Steve Buscemi and Kevin Carroll.

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