Kelly Gissendaner

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Citizenship: United States

lover - life. Mistress - lethal injection

Kelly Gissendaner was born in a poor family, whose representatives worked on a cotton farm. If we believe the history of the most condemned and the testimony of several of her friends and family, with men from Kelly evolved the most horrible way from an early age.

Stepfather began to pester Gissendaner, when she was ten. He slept six months with her, saying that its new bed uncomfortable, and `bad veschi` happened to the girl almost every night. Thereafter, over Kelly`s stepfather abused neighbor. When she was twelve, she came for the summer to his grandmother. Her uncle molested her there and made to do embarrassing things in the next three summers.

In his last year of study in high school Kelly raped a certain man, `who drank and took narkotiki`. After nine months - two weeks after receiving a diploma of secondary education - Gissendaner gave birth to her first son. In 1987, at age 19, Kelly married the first time. The marriage broke up after six months.

Kelly got married for the second time on 2 September 1989, for the Dag Gissendanera. She became pregnant. The couple lost their jobs, moved to live with her mother, and then Doug joined the army and was assigned to Germany (Germany). Divorce was issued in 1993, but Kelly and Doug were married again two years later. They had a child ... more

The reunion did not happen. Gissendaner filed a petition for legal separation, but have difficulty with this. She began dating Gregory Bruce Owen and persuaded her lover away with her husband to get 10 thousand. Dollars for insurance.

Wanting to avoid the death penalty, Owen went after the capture of a deal with prosecutors in exchange for a life sentence. He told the jury that Kelly first began to discuss with him `plan to get rid of supruga` three months before the murder of Dag February 7, 1997-th.

Accomplices came to Kelly`s home in Auburn (Auburn), where Gregory was waiting for the victim in the dark, armed with a hunting knife and baton, and Kelley went to have a drink with friends. Doug returned home after working on the truck in about 22-30. Gregory sneaked up behind him and put a knife to her throat. The assailant told Doug to sit back in the car, and they came to the woodland.

For all the way men did not exchange a single word. Only once in the depths of the forest is doomed Doug asked why him to do so. In it Gregory told to move on. He took off with the victim`s watch and a wedding ring as Kelly told him, decided to disguise the crime in such a way under the robbery. She joined Gregory, when he had finished with the victim. Lovers set fire to the car and returned home.

Foresters found a charred car Dag February 9, 1997-th. His body was found eleven days later. An investigation began. Kelly insisted that she had no problems with her husband, but her affair with Gregory splyl in a jiffy. The woman said that on the day of the murder Dag mistakenly took a sleeping pill, woke up this morning and found that supruganet nearby.

Criminal Lovers were arrested two days after the funeral, Doug. When the district attorney announced his intention to seek the death penalty against the suspects, Gregory immediately started talking ...

Lover was sentenced to life in prison with the right to parole in 2023-m. Kelly waited his hour of death on death row from 2008.

The last meal bombers estimated at 4,200 calories. She wished cornbread, buttermilk, two whopper (hamburger) from `Burger King`, two large portions of French fries, cherry-vanilla ice cream, popcorn and lemonade. Kelly also ordered a salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, cheese and buttermilk dressing.

The request for clemency Gissendaner took 54 pages. Children murdered father also want to be left alive.

Lethal injection was made February 25, 2015-th. The last time in Georgia (Georgia) woman sentenced to death 70 years ago.