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Date of birth: 13.03.1992

Age: 24

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Kaya Scodelario: From rebel-girl to the `Pirates of the Caribbean morya`

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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In the film `Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men do not talk skazki` ( `Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales`), the release of which is scheduled for July 2017, Scodelario can be found in the person Karina Smith, beloved Henry, played by Brenton Thwaites (Brenton Thwaites).

Kaya Scodelario Rose was born March 13, 1992 th, in Haywards Heath, England (Haywards Heath, England). His parents divorced when Kay was a child, and it was brought up by her mother, Kate Brazilian Scodelario. His father, an Englishman Roger Humphrey, died November 22, 2010-th.

With no acting experience, 14-year-old Kai got her first role in 2007 in the youth drama `Molokososy`. On listening to the girl she felt that her young age - its main obstacle, however, prompted the producer Kai read a prepared passage - and heroine named Effie Stoney got it.

In the first season of `Molokososov` Scodelario just flashed on the screen, whereas in 2008 it received a significant character development. Ultimately, the rebel Effie became the central character in 2009-2010. With the change of seasons, the series changed and ensemble of actors, but Scodelario was the only one whose character featured the first through fourth seasons.

His first role brought Scodelario critical acclaim and a double nomination for `TV Quick Awards` in the category `Best aktrisa` in 2009 and 2010 m. She again played Effie in the first two series of the seventh (and final) season `Molokososov`. Part of involving Kai called `Skins. Fire`; her character Effie grew up, worked as a secretary in London (London) and had an affair with her boss.

On the big screen Scodelario debut in the sci-fi thriller `Luna` (` Moon`), which premiered at the film festival `Sandens` in 2009. In his second motion picture, fantastic action Zatochka` `(` Shank`), she played a teenager named Tasha. The `Battle titanov` (` Clash of the Titans`) directed by Louis Leterrier (Louis Leterrier) Kai got the role Peshet.

Scodelario posed for various magazines, including `Teen Vogue`,` Nylon`, `Instyle UK` and` Elle UK`. She starred in the video for the song `Stay Too Long`,` She Said`, `Writing`s on the Wall` and` Love Goes Down` - all four rapper Plan B. She also appeared in the video for the song `Old Isleworth` group The Ruskins and `Candy` Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams).

In April 2010, the Scodelario confirmed her participation in the movie `ThunderClan perevala` (` Wuthering Heights`). In this film, shot by Andrea Arnold (Andrea Arnold), she got the role of Catherine Earnshaw, the disclosure of the image which was seen by some as `heartbreaking otkrovenie`. The painting was shown at several film festivals, but the box office has collected pennies.

In 2011, Kai devoted six weeks filming in the thriller `28 tysyach` (` Twenty8k`), published in September of 2012. Next, the actress worked on the same site with Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning), who played a major role in the drama `Now is vremya` (` Now Is Good`).

In the series, BBC One `This lyubov` (` True Love`), woven from five independent stories, of course, about the vicissitudes of love, Scodelario appears in the third episode, the image of Karen, whose uneven breathing by her teacher, played by Billie Piper ( Billie Piper). This episode was aired on June 19, 2012-th.

In January 2012, the Scodelario starred in his first American film, the drama `Emanuel and the Truth about rybah` ( `Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes`). The actress got the main role, 17-year-old troubled teenage girl, suddenly found that living with her in the neighborhood mysterious Linda has a striking resemblance to her late mother.

In 2013, Kai hit the ensemble miniseries `Sautkliff` (` Southcliffe`), consisting of four episodes. In this story about a fictional provincial town Sautkliffe where one day is a series of brutal murders, the actress portrays Anna Salter.

After securing one of the main female role in the franchise `Running in labirinte` in April 2013th, Scodelario significantly expanded the ranks of its loyal fans. The first film was released in September 2014. Continued, `The Maze Runner: ognem` Test (` Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials`), appeared in theaters in September of 2015.

The actress became a star of the thriller Thomas Daley Thomas Daley `House tigra` (` Tiger House`), and then signed a contract to take fantasy moon and Solntse` `(` The Moon and the Sun`), due out in 2015. This picture Scodelario allowed to share a platform with Pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan) and Benjamin Walker (Benjamin Walker).

Currently Scodelario preparing to participate in the drama Fayvella Tim (Tim Fywell) `Stay with mnoy` (` Stay With Me`), which is being touted as the `unusual ency- mennaya lyubvi` history. The basis of the film is taken novel Leslie Glayster (Lesley Glaister). Along with Kaey, starring role went to Tom Hughes (Tom Hughes).

Scodelario will also star in the movie `Nevidimka` (` Invisible`), which developed the script for Robert Kavanagh (Robert Cavanah).

In an interview, Kai said that about a year met with Jack O`Connell (Jack O`Connell), another star of the `Molokososov`. At the end of 2009, she was in a relationship with Elliott Tittensor (Elliott Tittensor), but the pair broke up in early 2014. Shooting of the film `The Moon and Solntse` turned romance with Benjamin Walker. Loving couple got engaged December 28, 2014-th.

From 2008 to 2010 was one Scodelario lived in an apartment in north London, explaining that it is important for women to be independent and `silnoy`. The actress suffers from dyslexia.

Scodelario fell to 13th place in the list of `100 Sexiest Women in mire` according to the British edition of FHM.

Being a big fan of `permanent Terminatora`, Kai wrote the following on Twitter:` I just love Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger). I just decided to get a new cat, which is going to call Arnie! `.

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