Kay Walsh

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Date of Birth: 08/27/1911

Age: 93

Place of birth: Chelsea

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Kathleen Walsh was born on August 27, 1911, in an Irish family in Chelsea, one of the historical suburbs of central London, England, but with her sister Peggy grew up in Pimlico, a wealthy district, where her grandmother lived. She danced since childhood. Kay started out as a dancer in music halls of the West End. She quickly achieved popularity, went on tour in Berlin and New York, but refused to dance when she was asked to try his hand at acting craft. Kay played in comedies, dramatic plays, performed with the numbers in the revue, and finally, after the show `Stray melodiya` (The Melody that Got Lost) it was noticed by an agent searching for new talented actors.

In 1934, Kay played a tiny role, not included in titles, in the musical film `Is there any chance` (How`s Chances?)?; in the same year he received a larger role, Vivien Mary in the comedy `Catch your parnya` (Get Your Man); in the next year - the role of Mabel Smith in `Wives Smita` (Smith`s Wives); in 1936 - the role of Eileen O`Donnel in `Luck in irlandski` (The Luck of the Irish). In the five years from 1934 to 1939-th Kay played in thirteen films. Producer Dean Vezil studio `Ealing Studios` signed a contract with a young actress, Kay and starred in the comedy` Keep formu` (Keep Fit) in 1937 and `I see led` (I See Ice) in 1938, both once paired with George Formby.

In 1936, the actress on the set of the movie `Istanbul sekret` (Secret Of Stamboul) met an editor David Lin, director and screenwriter of the future, double winner` Oskara`. Kay in love to madness broke the engagement with former fiance, David sold his first wife. In 1940, Walsh and Lin were married. They worked together on several of his films - Kay participated in the creation of dialogues, David consulted with his wife about the casting and production. Kay played several leading roles in her husband`s films, among them the patriotic war drama `As we sluzhim` (In Which We Serve) 1942 and the drama` Happy pokolenie` (This Happy Breed) 1944. In 1948, Kay played one of the best roles - Nancy in `Oliver Tvist` (Oliver Twist) Lina.

After nine years of marriage, Walsh and Lin divorced because of infidelity David, who started an affair with actress Ann Todd, who was replaced by Kay Lin movies. But this did not stop it - David Lin was married six times. In the same year, Kay married again. Second husband of the actress became a Canadian psychologist Elliot Jacques. In 1956, the couple adopted a girl named Gemma, but after three years and the marriage ended in divorce.

In the 50s Kay smoothly moved to the characteristic roles and several times became the owner of the prestigious film awards, retired in 1981, after `Night perehoda` (Night Crossing). In between filming Walsh successfully played on stage. According to her, her favorite role was the barmaid Miss Coker in `Lips hudozhnika` (The Horse`s Mouth) director Ronald Nima with Alec Guinness in the lead role.

After retiring on pension, Kay Walsh lived in London. She died on April 16, 2005, at age 93, after multiple burns received in the accident.

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