Katy Jurado

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Date of Birth: 01/16/1924

Age: 78

Place of birth: Guadalajara

Citizenship: Mexico


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Maria Garcia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in a fairly wealthy family. Her father came from the Andalusian Spaniards; from the girl`s grandfather got gypsy blood. In 1927, Maria together with his family moved to Mexico City. For some time the future actress studied journalism; then she married a Mexican actor Victor Velasquez; Marriage, however, proved to be unstable - couple divorced in 1943.

Working journalist, Maria has attracted the attention of director Emilio Fernandez; He offered her a role in the film `La Isla de la Pasi & # 243; n`, but she refused.

Play Mexican films, but Jurado beginning in 1943; first job with her participation was the film `No Mataras`. The bright appearance of the actress could not lead it to success. At the very beginning of her career she performed with stars like Carmen Montejo, Maria Elena Marquez, David Silva and many others. In 1945, she first really large succeeded - with the picture `Balaj & # 250; `. In 1951, Kathy starred in `C & # 225; rcel de Mujeres` c Spanish star Sara Montiel.

Even after becoming a real star of Hollywood, Jurado has left the Mexican cinema. In 1953, the actress took the lead role in the hit Louis Bunuel Zver` `(` El Bruto`). In the sixties, she has returned to his homeland, starring in `La Bandida` with Maria Felix. In the seventies came, perhaps, the most famous films with Jurado - `F & # 233 ;, Esperanza y Caridad`,` Los Alba & # 241; iles`, US-Mexican project `The Children of Sanchez` with Anthony Quinn and Dolores del Rio `La Seducci & # 243; n` Arturo Ripstein.

The peak of the Hollywood actress`s career came in the fifties and sixties; It was held in the Mexican American cinema on the trail, blazed its predecessors - Dolores del Rio and Lupe Velez. It all began with a role in `Bullfighter and Ledi` (` The Bullfighter and the Lady`); it was there that Katie saw John Wayne. In 1952 she played a major role in `Exactly polden` (` High Noon`), received the `golden Globus` in the category `Best Actress plana`. In 1953, Jurado has successfully replaced Dolores del Rio in the film `Broken kope` (` Broken Lance`) - This role earned her a nomination for `Oscar`. Following were the films Gonschiki` `(` The Racers`), `Protsess` (` Trial`), `The Badlanders` (it played the second husband of actress, Ernest Borgnine), One-eyed valety`` ( `One Eyed Jacks`) `Varavva` (` Barabbas`), `Get out of here, Dzho` (` Stay Away, Joe`; in this picture with Katy he played Elvis Presley), `Pat and Billy Gerret Kid` (` Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid `), and the Mexican-American statement` Under vulkanom` ( `Under the Volcano`).

In 1955, Jurado debuted in European cinema, in the film of Carol Reed `Trapetsiya` (` Trapeze`). In 1956, together with Ernest Borgnine, Cathy founded kinoprodyuserskuyu company `Sanvio Corp`. Because of this she was able to break into a number of Italian productions, marching under the stage direction of Dino De Laurentiis - like the same Varavva` or `` I braganti italiani`. In 1958, Jurado came on Broadway - she was able to get a role in a play by Tennessee Williams `The Red Devil Battery Sign` c Anthony Quinn and Claire Bloom.

In 1981, the son of actress died in a car accident; for 10 years after Katie has not starred in a movie. Once again, she returned to the screen in 1998, in the film `Divine` Arturo Ripstein. In 2002, Jurado played a significant role in Mexican `Un Secreto de Esperanza`. Cathy, died of a heart attack.

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