Katrin Mackormak

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Date of birth: 01.01.1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: City of Alton (Hampshire


Author: Kozhevnikova Oksana

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Studied: theater at the prestigious Oxford School (graduated in 1993)

Lives: London

Catherine McCormack has Scottish origin, although born in Hampshire. The first cry of joy baby Katherine sounded January 1, 1972, so that each new calendar year - it is also the next year of her life. The town, which passed the childhood and youth of the actress, was very small and quiet. Katherine says that the whole life revolves around Alton cinema, discos and bingo. Nothing else is more remarkable, and there did not occur. When she was still quite young, her plans for the future were very vague. She says that she does not even know till now, what exactly prompted her to stand on the thorny path of the cast. Passions she had many "Acting - it`s just one of them !, - smiling Katherine - I did not even know I`ve got at least some artistic talent or not.".

The desire to play it to her later. When she was admitted to a small but very prestigious drama school near Oxford, she was pretty sure that he was going to be an actress for the rest of life.

Foundations acting Katherine comprehended, performing roles in plays such as "The Cherry Orchard," "Arab Feet", "Treason." The first real theatrical role, she received in 1988 (in a small English play "Mother").

But teledebyut Catherine took place in the early `90s and has been associated with the series "Inspector Wycliffe" and "Strawberry Valley". In 1993 they released their first film with McCormack Loaded.

This was followed by the role of the bride`s hero Mel Gibson`s blockbuster in Scotland, 1995 "Braveheart." A year later, Sarah Catherine starred in the movie "North Star", acting together with Christopher Lambert and Jace Caan.

In 1998, she appeared on screen in the role of the courtesan Veronica Franco in the film "Local courtesan", and after a while - the role of Stella in "peasant girl", a film about three British women who work on the farm during the Second World War. Another of her work was the role of Christina Mundy in "Dances during Lugnazy".

In 1999, she played Hannah in the movie "Love of the year", and also appeared in "debtor" with Michael Caine and Randy Quaid. In addition, she played Faye in the television series "Love in the XXI century" and performed a major role in the theater play "Anna Weiss".

The year 2000 was even more intense. Among the films that played Catherine should be called: "Shadow of the Vampire," "The Weight of Water", "The Tailor of Panama" and others. She played in the play by Arthur Miller`s "All My Sons", for which he was nominated for "Olivier Awards" as "Best Supporting Actress".

In 2001 he published a thriller with Catherine and Brad Pitt`s "Spy Game".

Catherine happy to talk about their roles.

- When I got the role in the movie "Braveheart", I was a little scared of it. Before I went on for a long time listening to and received nothing, and suddenly - such a role. But I quickly realized that each new step in your career first frightening, no matter how long have you been working on the screen. Then I calmed down and went to work.

- Tell us about your role of a courtesan. Does it affect your life?

- No, I`m not one of those who take work home. I liked to play a woman who does not have to hide their sexuality in order to look decent - most women now prefer to do so. It was very interesting to portray a woman who is not only manipulates men, but should also be manipulated and their feelings, because she can not be with someone to fall in love.

- Your creative activity gives you a sense of freedom?

- Oh yeah. I am more independent in their characters than in ordinary life, where ever have to worry about what to say about me people.

- Let`s talk about "Rural women" movie. You had pereoblachitsya of corsets in farm boots and pants.

- Yes, for the filming I had to do so many different things that I hope I never have to do. Manure sheds, cow`s udder - with this the first time I encountered here.

- You are not invited to the United States?

- I have an agent who is constantly talking in the United States: "Come, meet people." Once I go there after one of the movies, but honestly, I do not like such shows representations.

- You seem to be enough, "earth" woman. We do not have ascended up to heaven, because you are famous?

- No no and one more time no! I absolutely do not accept. I`m from the old hermits who sit at home and read, or watch endless videos. In fact, it sounds like I`m complaining. But I am absolutely happy.

- And what question you often ask journalists?

- For the rest of my career was one such question: "What kisses Mel Gibson?"

- So how is it?

- Great!