Katerina Vasilieva

Picture of Katerina Vasilieva

Date of Birth: 06/03/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Katerina Vasilyeva was born in 1988 in St. Petersburg. In 2005 she graduated from the French high school and enrolled in the directing department GITIS (actor artist Sergei Zhenovach workshop). As a student, Catherine took part in educational productions: "Snow Maiden" (The Snow Maiden), "Leo Tolstoy. Scenes "(Sonia, Alexander D.)," In a strange feast hangover "(Lizaveta)," Demons "(Arina Prohorovna The Virginia).

Since 2007, Mrs. Vasileva started playing theater productions "Theatrical Art Studio". In 2009, RATA Vasiliev graduated and was admitted to the troupe. Over the years, he has been busy in the performances: "seedy kind" (Olga Fedotovna Anastasia L.), "Marienbad" (Esther Soroker), "Brother Ivan" (Katerina Ivanovna).


In the film debuted Katerina Vasilyeva role Dunya Raskolnikov 8-series tape by Dmitry Svetozarova "Crime and Punishment" (the film adaptation of the famous novel by Dostoevsky). The audience noted a beautiful, pure, sweet girl, the embodiment of femininity and innocence.

Three years later, Katerina Vasilyeva again came in contact with Dostoevsky`s theme, starring in a biopic directed by Vladimir Hotinenko. In the film "Dostoevsky" the actress has created an image Avdotia Panaeva - - Women inaccessible and proud, dreams of the writer.

In 2012, screens out the series "Separation", which tells about the post-war years, the time of Stalin`s repressions. Vasiliev performed in it the role of Svetlana, sweetheart Mitrokhin.


2007 Crime and Punishment

2010 Dostoevsky

2012 Separation - series