Katerina Ksenyeva (mamina)

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Date of Birth: 05/12/1975

Age: 40

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Winner of the Grand Prix at the competition Vseteatralnom romance performers (1995)

Winner of the second prize at the International competition of young singers Aum-97 (1997)

Winner of the International Film Festival of auteur cinema in Rabat (Morocco, 2009)

Start career

Katerina Kseneva was born in Leningrad in a family of film director Yuri Mamin and actress Lyudmila Samokhvalova. After school, Katherine studied opera singing at the office in Bishkek School at the Moscow Conservatory with V. Mukovnikova and then took lessons from B. Menzhilkieva. In 1994, she was admitted to the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy at the actor`s office.

As a student, she mastered the parallel class modern jazz dance at the Broadway choreographer Phil La Duca and Natalia Kasparov "Cannon Dance". In the second year Xenia Kseneva participated in Vseteatralnom romance performers contest, where she was awarded the Grand Prix. Two years later it was waiting for a new success - the second prize at the International competition of young singers Aum-97.

Catherine Ksenevoy diploma work was the role of Elvira, played in a student play "Santa Cruz", delivered a master course at the Yuri Tomoshevskim theater "Shelter comedian". It was after this operation, performed by the young actress is so powerful and temperamental, Yuri Mamin found in her daughter dramatic talent and began to invite in their films.

Movie. On the road to success

The first role played by Katherine Ksenevoy in film and television were romantic-comedy character. In 1997, she played Mary in the television series Yuri Mamin "Sancho from the ranch." This series, is part of the "Chameleon" Petersburg television, was a brilliant parody of the Latin American soap operas. A year later the debut of Catherine Ksenevoy on the "big" screen. She starred in a small role naive bride times 60s comedy by Yuri Mamin "Kiss!"

The fame of the actress came with the TV series "Russian horror stories", released in theaters in 2002. Yuri Mamin was not afraid to present her daughter in a bad light - a kind of cross-eyed fotokorrespondentki in bizarre brown glasses. However, Xenia has always distinguished by the fact that his father trusted. The result is a distinctive, memorable image of lovely cross-eyed idiot Palkina Masha, who was so pleased with the numerous spectators.

In 2004, a first in the movies of Catherine Ksenevoy "not his father," the movie. Director Kirill Kapitsa invited the actress for the role of Zoe Gerasimova in one of the episodes of "Streets of broken lamps 6". The heroine of Catherine became the femme fatale, killing of male rapists from a sniper rifle.

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