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Date of Birth: 02/27/1983

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Bedford


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Mara was born and raised in Bedford, New York (Bedford, New York), in the family of Timothy Christopher Mara (Timothy Christopher Mara) and Kathleen McNulty (Kathleen McNulty). On his mother`s side, Kate - Italian, paternal - Irish.

Actress Mara decided to be aged quite young; inspired her to this iconic musical Otverzhennye` `(` Les Mis & # 233; rables`). The girl literally sick musicals and regularly watched them both on television and on Broadway (Broadway). Of all the actresses of the time, especially Kate liked Judy Garland (Judy Garland). As early as 9 years old the first time she played Kate in the school setting; later she again appeared with local theater companies. It is interesting that with all that remained Kate girl, modest to the incredible; in fact, as a child she had only one close friend.

Already in childhood Mara continually asked her mother to find an agent. Eventually Kathleen heeded the request of his daughter and sent her photos to a special group. Very soon, Kate signed with his first agent; She began her professional acting career at the age of 14. The first audition - for the TV series` Homicide: Life on the ulitse` ( `Homicide: Life on the Street`) - Mara has not passed; however, it was then that she finally convinced of the correctness of the chosen path.

Enrolled in the Tisch School of the Arts (Tisch School of the Arts) at the University of New York (New York University), Mara began to fill the available spaces in her formal education. The parents insisted that Kate just has to go to college; however, Mara had already shot quite active, just as worrying because of lack of a diploma.

The first role on television Kate received in 1997, in the series` Law & poryadok` ( `Law & Order`). Next were small roles in a number of other projects; in 2003, the actress has finally been given just two major roles - Mara played Kate in `Love vdovtsa` ( `Everwood`) and Vanessa in` Part tela` ( `Nip ??/ Tuck`).

In 2004, Mara took the lead role in the pilot project WB `Prodigy`; however, this project much success and have not conceived.

In 2006, Kate joined the series of five shooting team of the popular series `24`, in 2009, starred in the project` Krasavtsy` ( `Entourage`). At the moment, Mara plays Hayden (Hayden) in the series` American History uzhasov` ( `American Horror Story`).

On the big screen Mara came in 1999, it was a picture of `Web lzhi` (` Random Hearts`) c Harrison Ford (Harrison Ford). Followed by roles in the films `King Dzho` (` Joe the King`) and Lovelas` `(` Tadpole`). In 2004, Kate played a major role in the film `Peoples`. Follow the main role - once released on video horror film `Urban Legends: Bloody Meri` (` Urban Legends: Bloody Mary`) she received in 2005.

However, much more attention it has brought a different role this year - the daughter of character Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger) in the acclaimed 2005 film `Brokeback gora` (` Brokeback Mountain`). Shortly thereafter Kate`s career took off - she signed with the William Morris Agency (William Morris Agency) and started acting in a much more successful paintings. Unfortunately, for a long time it did not last - shortly Mara has returned to films, does not occupy the top line in the box office. However, Kate continues to act now; occasionally she gets the role in a very famous projects - so, in 2009, Mara played a cameo role in the film `Iron Man 2` (` Iron Man 2`).

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