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Date of Birth: 07/13/1980

Age: 36

Place of Birth: Poland

Citizenship: Poland



Karolina Gruszka was born in 1980 in Poland. The success of a young actress came early. As early as nine years old girl acted in children`s music television program, and 13 - made its debut in the cinema in the film "Concert de Minor by Frederic Chopin." A year later - the first great work in the film - a role in the serial film Isabella Tsyvinski "God`s backing." Such a meteoric rise has not gone to the girl`s head, she is not ill "star" disease, continuing to study hard profession.

Maria Mironova

Karolina Gruszka was in my first year at the Warsaw Theatre Academy, where it drew attention to the Russian director Alexander Proshkin. He proceeded to the creation of the film "Russian riot" based on the works of Pushkin`s "The Captain`s Daughter" and "The History of Pugachev" and was looking for performers for the leading roles Petrusha Grinyova and Masha Mironova. Why he chose to obscure Polish actors Mateusz Damenetski and Karolina Gruszka? The director explained this by the fact that in them he found the right combination of youth, nobility and beauty of fresh dairy, is it possible to show, as against the senseless and ruthless popular revolt can preserve the dignity, devotion to duty.

Carolina got is not a simple role. It so happens that the characters of the other characters in the "Captain`s Daughter" written much brighter and Masha Mironova in the novel looks at their background faded. But in the film it does not say. Pole Carolina managed to create an image of this Russian girl, and it`s worth a lot. A voiced the role of Masha brilliant Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova.

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